Artist Fellowship

Meet an Artist Fellow: Photographer Mikayla Herrick

Mikayla Herrick is a gifted photographer and Washington native who stayed at Getaway Mount Adams in the end of December 2019 as part of our Artist Fellowship Program. Here at Getaway, we’ve been captivated by Mikayla’s eye, by her ability to frame a photo and choose the best moments to capture.

Though her work speaks for itself, here’s what she had to say about her path as a photographer and her Getaway experience.

“My husband, Brice, bought a camera while we were dating and he would often go out and shoot with other people who were into photography. It was right around the time Instagram was starting to become ‘the thing.’ Shortly after he bought his camera, he started showing me how to use it from a technical side. I’ve always had an eye for photography, so learning how to capture images correctly with an actual camera made it that much more enjoyable. I started second shooting weddings with friends, and before I knew it, I started my own business of wedding photography in 2017! Photographing people—people on the greatest day of their lives—has become an absolute joy and honor. It’s the most intimate and exciting thing I get to be apart of.”

“My Getaway experience was so wonderful. It was quiet, slow, restful, happy. My husband and I got the opportunity to take time to be intentional with being away, and slowing down. We enjoyed a fire each day, played countless games of cards, went for walks, a scenic drive with random stops along the way, took naps, read books, cooked meals, put away our phones. The way the tiny homes were set up were perfect. We had everything we needed, and nothing that we didn’t. We felt like we had our own space, but we also felt safe knowing there were others close by doing the same thing. The cabins were beautiful—so aesthetic! It was easy to just be, to sit without anything to do. I think our souls crave such stillness and rest, and that’s what we experienced.”

Regarding where she finds inspiration, Mikayla says, “Inspiration is everywhere, constantly. For me, I play out how I would photograph every space I encounter. Of course, I also find it through other photographers’ work (Instagram). I am constantly inspired by what other creatives come up with. I also really enjoy looking through old wedding albums, or old photographs from over the centuries. There’s something about timeless pieces that bring about inspiration.”

“My favorite way to be off is spent sleeping-in, reading, watching movies, napping, eating out—all with my husband. Weekly we spend twenty-four hours intentionally resting and away from work. It’s important for us to take time to unplug from social media and our phones, at large. I recently listened to a podcast and the guest said something that will stick with me, ‘I want to show up for my actual life.’ How often do we mindlessly, endlessly scroll on our phones—when we could be showing up and living our actual lives? Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible what we can do and who we can connect with over our phones, but I would argue it’s incredibly more important to be present and living fully alive in our real lives.”

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