AAPI Month | Artist Fellowship

Meet an Artist Fellow: Photographer, Suril Patel

​I have been raised in South Texas most of my life, and have lived in Austin just 3 years now. I am a commercial and lifestyle photographer that has shot almost every type of shoot you could think of. I have a lot of field experience shooting photography as I have shot with many diverse types of clients/brands. My creative practice involves spending each week doing the following 4 things: shooting, editing, client reach, and marketing. I spend an ample amount of time on each, but editing usually takes up the majority of my time. 

Without nature, I would have never found my passion for photography. I started shooting while I began camping often in college. I realized the human connection to nature was so deep and I really wanted to capture the true beauty of nature even though no photo will compare to one’s true experience in it. Nature is a constant influencer of my art. The color of leaves, the snow-capped mountains, the red-toned rocks all shape my eye for shooting and editing. 

​The Getaway was exactly what I needed at the right time. I was coming off of a heavy work week. And, to get out in nature without phone service/wifi brought some clarity back to me. I had more time to process and brainstorm creative ideas in the cabin, and the surrounding beauty of the cabin and nature gave me the inspiration for my creative flow. 

You can follow Suril’s work on his Instagram and his website.

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