Artist Fellowship

Meet an Artist Fellow: Photographer, Christian Garcia

We hosted photographer and Artist fellow, Christian Garcia at Getaway Chattahoochee outside of Atlanta last year. We took some time to chat with him to hear about his creative process, his Getaway, and his connection to nature. Here’s what he had to say:

My name is Christian Garcia. I am a photographer and videographer based in Atlanta, GA. I have been pursuing visuals for 5 + years and it has been the best few years of my life. It has caused me to grow and learn so much about the world around me. It has taken me places that I could only dream of. 

My connection to nature has urged me to capture more and more in the outdoors. I want to create short films of being outdoors, pushing frontiers very few have accomplished or seen. To capture stories to share what nature means to others as well. 

My Getaway experience was great! It let me recharge and escape the busyness of metro Atlanta. It was the recharge and escape I needed to write down goals and dreams to pursue in the months ahead. The campfire was a plus to make it feel wild. 

To anyone considering a stay at Getaway, I recommend staying for two nights. Having a full day of disconnection from distractions is so beneficial – bring books and something to write on and with!

You can keep up with Christian’s work on his Instagram and his website.

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