Artist Fellowship

Meet an Artist Fellow: Photographer, Amber Canterbury

We created our Artist Fellowship Program to help creative people find the space and inspiration they need to bring their ideas to life. Earlier this year, we hosted photographer, Amber Canterbury, at Getaway Big Bear outside of LA. Here’s what she had to say about her creative process, her relationship to nature, and her Getaway:

On Creativity
I’m a freelance photographer and artist based in Los Angeles. I grew up in Florida and studied business and marketing in college. I was the quiet kid with ever-changing hair colors among a room of eager young professionals. I began experimenting with photography my senior year and completely fell in love. I learned how to shoot film on my late grandfather’s Canon AE-1 with a shutter button that only worked half the time. I’d lose hours in the darkroom, headphones in, watching images slowly appear in the developer. It felt like magic. I changed course and moved to L.A. with two suitcases and no contacts. It’s been 11 years and I’m so grateful for the life I’ve made here. 

On Nature
I feel most at home in the natural world. I think nature is the ultimate artist; it is all at once delicate and fierce, vast and microscopic. It continually amazes and inspires me. I often look for ways to incorporate elements of that in my work. Nature is also a great healer, I spend time outdoors to decompress and feel grounded. Trees are like medicine.

On Disconnecting
My Getaway was absolutely lovely and so needed. I left any agenda at home and just allowed myself to play. I brought books, tree oracle cards, a journal, cameras and film, and my guitar. The first night I slept with the shade on the big window wide open and looked out on trees bathed in moonlight as I fell asleep. It sort of felt like all of the benefits of camping, but with a cozy bed and a hot shower. 

You can keep up with Amber on her Instagram and her website.

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