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Meet an Artist Fellow: Photographer, Jake White

Earlier this summer, we hosted Photographer and Artist Fellow, Jake White at Getaway Chattahoochee outside of Atlanta so he could disconnect from the city and reconnect to nature. Here’s what he had to say about his creative process, his connection to nature and his Getaway.

My name is Jake White, and I am a Brand Specialist living and working in Nashville, TN. I spent my younger years traveling overseas with my family and fell in love with capturing beauty along  the way. My passion for story developed over the years, and now I am grateful to work with Brands that  share in that drive towards branded story telling.  

As a photographer, I draw inspiration from my surroundings – what I breathe in creatively is very important  to me. So any chance I get to immerse myself in another culture or landscape, I jump right in.  

I am a firm believer that anything good for the soul, is good for the art. 

Personally, I draw most of my inspiration from that which surrounds me. 

(The train sounds at dusk, the swaying canopy of the forest against the early mountain air, the headlight  from a Harley Davidson piercing through the faded blacks of Highway 1 at sunset.) 

Nature has always been one of those special environments for me. To feel so kin to something, yet  somewhat unfamiliar to the grandness of what surrounds; It is both invigorating and cleansing to my soul.  Whatever I breathe in, it eventually shows up in my work – So any chance I get to immerse myself in  another culture or landscape is an opportunity to collect stories and experiences that contribute to my  work as a Photographer.  

Our most recent stay at “The Ernest” was wonderful. Recently, my wife Mo and I have been putting in a  lot of work to scale our businesses, so life has been nothing short of hectic. We decided to celebrate and  recharge in the mountains of North Georgia. Every time we are in nature we are reminded of the  importance of a reset. It has become one of our favorite rituals. Even if work is super busy, we try and  sneak away for a couple days each month.  

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and that next great idea is just a little R & R in the  wilderness and the folks at The Getaway help make that process smooth and simple.  

You can keep up with Jake’s work on his instagram and his website. 

In need of your own creative escape to nature? Book your Getaway today.