How They Getaway: A Mother-Daughter Trip

mother daughter

There are few gifts more valuable than giving someone your undistracted time.

It’s about putting cell phones away when you’re at dinner, taking time to call family members without the TV on in the background, dedicating yourself to being with another person.

It’s that idea that took Getaway guest Rozette Rago out to our Big Bear Outpost with her mom – for a mother-daughter Getaway when they both needed a simple, undistracted break.

Rozette is a photo editor for Wirecutter and a freelance photographer in Los Angeles, and between the two gigs, it can be difficult to align schedules and make the time for family. “I had been wanting to get out of the city for a bit, and I brought it up to my mom to see if she was up for it… My mom and I are very close and we try to hang out as much as we can, but trips are harder because of our work schedules.”

mother daughter

Rozette and her mom kicked things off with an early escape to get in some hiking and a delicious meal. “On the day of our Getaway, we drove out of Los Angeles earlier so we could make stops on the way to the Big Bear Outpost. I drove straight to Lake Arrowhead Village so we could walk around for a bit and have lunch there. After that, I saw Heaps Peak Arboretum on your list or recommended nearby hikes so we went there.”

“When we got to our cabin, we were blown away. We sat on the bed and pretty much stayed there the whole night chatting, playing games, and relaxing. It was fun watching the sky change colors as the sun started setting.”

It was the perfect mixture for the mom and daughter, who love the beauty of nature without being strictly outdoorsy types. “The cabin was the perfect balance between being safe indoors, but still feeling like I’m outdoors because of the enormous window. My mom and I spent valuable time not worrying about work and other things. We just took our time and relaxed and ate a bunch of snacks that we brought along for the trip. We really felt rested after.”

mother daughter

It’s that valuable time which felt so good. So often during our off-time, we can feel compelled to do this, that, and the other thing, to make the most out of our weekend vacations, even when it is to a cabin getaway. Rozette notes, “My mom and I go on trip together where we walk nonstop all day and visit as many spots as possible, but on this trip, we made a point to just slow down and relax. I think it’s important to really commit to that and just enjoy the idleness. I know how hard that is for city people who are constantly on the go, and I’m completely on the same boat. But this Getaway experience really helped me clear my mind for a day, take a deep breath, and just enjoy where I was at.”

Give yourself that necessary reset in a tiny cabin in nature. Book your Getaway here.