Guest Stories

A Getaway Texas Road Trip, Chapter 2: Getaway Brazos Valley

We arrived at our second stop on our Getaway journey, and were again welcomed by a clean and comforting cabin. So often there’s the stress of not knowing what the sleeping arrangements will be, but the simplicity of the Getaway cabin was so wonderful to have on this journey. Knowing that we were stepping into a space that was cleaned and cared for removed any additional stress, especially in COVID times. The freshness of the room, warmth of the wooden walls, and the luxury of modern amenities complemented the wilderness beyond our window.

We immediately headed over to Washington on the Brazos, where the Texas independence was signed, and enjoyed the feeling of being engulfed by trees older than the world we’ve known. We were both very impressed by this stop, and were delighted by the reprieve from a long drive.

After a peaceful walk, we headed back to the cabin and decided to continue with the newness with a stop at the WildFlyer Mead Company. This was our first taste of Mead and honestly, we knew nothing of it other than it came from honey! Syd and I decided on the flight so we could have a well-rounded experience without missing any of their unique flavors! The owners seemed like old friends and were excited to teach us about a craft we didn’t understand. I can earnestly say some were delicious and others were not my cup of tea, but nonetheless, the experience of sitting outside, watching the setting sun, feeling like fireflies would erupt in a symphony at any moment, and sharing a new drink with your bestie was, well, the best!

Syd and I spent a good amount of time at the cabin, listening to music, reading books long sitting on our shelves, playing card games we’d almost forgotten, cooking a smorgasbord, making fires, and laughing at the nonsense of our own making. It was refreshing to not feel like we had to be somewhere, but rather we could slow down and enjoy the beauty of East Texas. For us, there were subtle differences in the beauty around us. The trees were taller, dropping pine cones instead of pecans. The soil was sandy and soft, less like the tough, rocky limestone dirt we had come from. There was a different sound to the night. Just recalling the peace of those nights, I’m aware of our usual stresses dissolving much like they did on our trip. We are pretty used to roughing it, which feels like the norm being surrounded by nature, so the fact we had a comfy bed, warm shower, and fridge to keep our beer cold was a real treat, and we didn’t want to leave. 

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