We created our Artist Fellowship Program to give artists time and space to create. Uninterrupted and in the middle of nature, we love that our cabins can provide the inspirational setting for artists to be their best. We’re very excited to show off a selection of our Artist Fellows’ work over the last few months.


Vincent Ribeiro is a versatile artist in mediums ranging from construction and architecture to graphic design and photography. Most recently, he visited our Boston Outpost for a creative kick.


Brittany Fan finds inspiration in nature to create ceramics, painting, photography, illustration, hand lettering, and graphic design in and around her native Charlottesville.


Johnson Kow is a photographer and specializes in landscapes, cityscape, and portraits. Photography is his creative outlet aside from his engineering work, and it’s taken him to fascinating places and introduced him to interesting people.


Deanna Jacome is a multi-media artists working primarily in mixed-media painting. Deanne escaped to our Boston Outpost to create painted collages incorporating pieces of her past paintings and handmade paper made from dried leaves.


Chelsea Ma is a Creative Director based in NYC. She draws on the creative energy of her surroundings, from New York architecture to tiny wooded cabins in the Catskills.

Want to be an Artist Fellow? Get creating.

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Artist Fellowship

If you are the creative-type, say an artist, writer, photographer, musician, DJ, etc. and you are interested in curating content that is inspired during a stay in our houses, we’d love to hear from you to be considered for our artist fellowship.

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