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A Getaway Texas Road Trip, Chapter 3: Getaway Piney Woods

Before getting to the cabin, we made a pit stop to smell the flowers at the East Texas Arboretum. It was nice to get out and stretch our legs and go for a stroll. It was one of those walks where we didn’t really know where we were going because we were so lost in conversation, but we didn’t care because we had each other — and no agenda. Syd studied botany in college, so she had endless plant facts that kept us both entertained, educated, and reminded me why friendship is a beautiful learning experience.

We slowly made our way over to Getaway Piney Woods and stopped to talk to some cows along the way. Normally, we would have driven right past them, but this time we stopped and were in awe of cows because, why not? We met some donkeys along the way too, but they were significantly less interested in us, haha, but as they say, life isn’t about the destination but the journey, and our journey included some good ol’ moo cows.

We finally made our way to Getaway Piney Woods, where we drifted through the tall pines, rolled down the windows and let the fresh air rush in, cleansing our souls. That’s exactly what Getaway provides when you arrive, a sense of relief and bliss. 

After we got settled in our cabin, we threw some logs on the fire and grilled some hot dogs and had a drink. It’s the simplicity of sitting around a fire with your best friend that makes you realize what’s important in life. This trip continued to remind us of this.

Syd and I woke on our last day to some rain, but rain or shine we decided to make the most of our time and decided to get our blood pumping by swinging through the trees. We took the advice of the Getaway Journal and went to New York, Texas Zipline Adventures. We were greeted by some friendly pups who rushed to say hello and a friendly staff that helped us into our harnesses, which was a breeze. This was going to be the first time I ziplined, so I was a bit nervous, but Syd reassured me it would be a good time. I can now say, she was completely right; it was exhilarating. Overlooking the beautiful Texas landscape in helmets and harnesses, our rainy day turned out to be quite the dream.

Texas is big and beautiful, that’s why there are endless songs of its sky, lifestyle, and appeal. Getting to bounce around from one tiny cabin to another isn’t what I pictured for my 2020, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Taking the back roads through the state we grew up in and stopping to see new parks, mooing at the cows, and having a drink by the fire was something I needed more than I knew. People usually want to escape to somewhere much further than where they grew up to remind them of what it feels like to be alive. But things were different this year. If anything, it solidified the importance of adventure everywhere: in your home state, in your backyard, in your everyday life. I found a deep satisfaction in taking time to be present, to be at peace, and I couldn’t be more grateful for our journey. Slowing down and appreciating the Texas landscape was a highlight of my 2020 and getting to spend the quality time with Sydney in these cabins is something I’ll treasure forever.

I realized the importance of stepping away from our day-to-day to hop in the car and take off to a tiny cabin in the woods with a friend – it is NECESSARY for your mental health, for your perspective, for your sense of being and belonging in the world. From the moment we headed out, our conversation moved from the car, to putting our things in the cabin, locking our cell phones away and starting up the fire. You don’t realize how stepping into nature with one of your favorite humans is truly a top-of-the-line therapy session.

Waking up to the natural sunlight peeking through the blinds, no phone alarm going off, and the biggest worry being if you should have one or two cups of coffee, is an extremely valuable feeling. People often forget to slow down and take time to spend with friends and family, so having a respite like this reminds you what is truly important in life.

Apart from all of the time we had together ziplining, reminiscing, brainstorming business ideas, sharing all our pipe-dreams, and being absurd, silly, and free, we were also able to have some time to read, take walks, and spend some time alone. It’s those quiet moments that allow you to take a deep breath that allow you to feel like you are coming back to your body. Feeling the comfort of a down blanket fall over you and the stress fall off your shoulders — this is exactly what we went out there for. As much as Syd and I love a good adventure and causing a ruckus, we really appreciated the time to slow down and enjoy what was around us. We grew a deeper need to prioritize what makes us feel alive rather than what simply gets us through the day.

How often do we make the effort to go spend meaningful time with a friend in nature? Not enough. I can confidently say that creating a road trip through the Texas Getaways was one of our best decisions. It combined the solitude of nature, comfort of the cabins, and adventure of the journey in between.

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