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A Mindful Gift Guide

The pressure of holiday season can feel like a lot, especially if you’re looking at long gift lists, and not sure where to start.

Something we could all benefit from this time of year – and year round – is a little extra dose of mindfulness. You know, that mindset that helps keep us present, grounds us in the moment, and ensures that we’re aware and at our best.

To keep you and yours in a mindful mindset – and to inspire some of your holiday gifting – here’s our mindful gift guide.

Mindful Gift: Gift Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to mean going on a retreat with a group of likeminded people. We love apps like Headspace or Calm or centers like The Den in Los Angeles or MNDFL in New York, that bring the idea right to your home or close to it. Meditations can be just a few minutes, and it’s as simple as loading up an app, taking some deep breaths, actively listening, and clearing your mind. They’ll love this gift that keeps on giving.

Mindful Gift: Try a New Experience Together

Gift an experience that’s totally out of your comfort zone – and of theirs too. Make sure it doesn’t have anything to do with your work; the goal here isn’t to be productive, it’s to enjoy something that keeps you in the moment together or separately. It may be a cooking class, trying your hand at pottery, even axe throwing or a fencing lesson. The goal is to take a moment from optimizing all of your time, and enjoy the act of simply doing.

Mindful Gift: Give a Journal

Journaling can be a deeply mindful exercise, and it’s an affordable and beautiful gift to give a loved one. Sometimes the best way to stay centered in your thoughts is to write them all down on paper, even if they are never shared with another person. The practice of Journaling to relieve stress or gratitude journaling is a great exercise in mindfulness, and one that can continue long after the moment you give this thoughtful gift.

Mindful Gift: Gift Some Time Away

Taking a moment to get out of the city, practice some forest bathing, and enjoy all of those analog activities like building a campfire or reading a book, that feel so far away in our routines, is the ultimate act in staying present. It’s why at Getaway, we have cell phone lockboxes in each cabin, and all of the things you need to just focus on your loved one, your kids, your dog – or just yourself.

From now through November 24th, give them a Getaway gift card and save on your next escape. Gift $100 (or more), get $25 toward your next Getaway. Gift $300 (or more), get $100 toward your next Getaway. Your credit will be added as a promo code in your account.