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A Getaway Family Adventure with Ten Little

When we were first invited to stay at Getaway Barber Creek, my partner and I knew it would be an adventure traveling with three young kids, but we were excited for the chance to “unplug” and take a step back from our busy lives. Traveling with little ones is not always “easy”, but hearing my kids talk about how much they enjoyed the “cabin in the woods” made the trip well worth it.

When we arrived at our tiny cabin, the boys were thrilled to see the surprises waiting for them: new shoes from Ten Little, as well as all the supplies needed for an outdoor adventure: binoculars, flashlight, bug collection cup and a new backpack to carry it all in! Right outside the cabin there were woods ready to be explored, as well as a fire pit ready for little ones to enjoy their first bonfire.

The first night the boys took their new adventure gear outside to explore. It was a great way to connect to nature, we listened to birds, used the binoculars to look into the trees, found bugs and collected pinecones. On our second night, the boys loved helping to make a bonfire (a first for them) by collecting kindling and placing it in the fire pit. And of course they loved the experience of roasting and eating marshmallows for s’mores.

I think my favorite part was telling stories as a family and incorporating parts of our day into the characters’ lives (in the story, the characters also made a fire to make s’mores) and watching my kids’ eyes light up as they made connections between the characters and their own experiences. 

Staying in a tiny cabin together was a great opportunity for us to connect as a family, without lots of “stuff” or technology to keep us entertained. We are looking forward to many more family getaways!

Ready for your own family Getaway? Book your escape to nature today, and be sure to grab all the essentials from Ten Little that your kiddos might need for the ultimate adventure.