How to Getaway

How to Pack for a Winter Getaway

When people ask what to pack on a Getaway, our answer is always more or less the same – not much.

Partially because we believe in the importance of focusing on the people and nature around you; partially because we already have a lot of it waiting for you in your cabin.

You’ll never go cold when you’re relaxing in one of our tiny cabins. Every cabin is heated and stocked with extra blankets to bundle up even more. We’ve stocked each tiny cabin with cold-weather essentials like hot chocolate, a fire starter kit, and plenty of indoor activities like books, cards, and games.

See the full list of what’s in our cabins here.

So if you’re the type who just wants to get away to sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered.  But if you’re the adventurous type, excited to hit the hiking trails as soon as you make it to your Outpost – there are a few extra things you’ll definitely want to bring along.

A good pair of boots


We recommend something waterproof, insulated, and with a high shaft to keep snow out of your socks.

We like these boots from Sorel.

Layers, layers, layers


It’s always a good idea to dress for a wide range of activity levels as you’ll likely warm up on your hike and cool off when you stop to rest.

We love a fleece half-zip because you can just unzip to let out some body heat versus having to stop and remove layers during your hike.

One of our favorites is this fleece from L.L. Bean.

A light (but warm!) jacket


The three have-to-haves of a hiking jacket are: insulating, hooded, and waterproof.

A very reliable option is the Down Sweater from Patagonia.



Keeping your hands dry and warm during a winter adventure is incredibly important – but your everyday pair of gloves might not cut it!  

We recommend waterproof shell mitts or gloves with insulated liners. Check out these by The North Face.

A hat


A good way to stay warm without too many bulky layers is to keep your head covered.

Stick with something fleece or wool – try to avoid cotton altogether for every item on this list as it takes forever to dry!  You definitely don’t want to head out on a cold adventure with a wet hat.

We like this wool hat by L.L. Bean.

Snow Scraper

Snow Day

We love it when snow turns Getaway in a winter wonderland, but your car doesn’t. Snow can pileup easily and it’s not always safe to drive with that much snow on top of your vehicle, so throwing a snow scraper in with your things can save you a big headache.

We like this one from Amazon.

Cover these bases and you’ll be more than prepared for any winter weather adventures during your Getaway. For the full list of year-round essentials, check out The Ultimate Getaway Packing List.