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Wine Pairings for your Campfire Cookout

Getaway Wine Pairings

Those of us immersed in the buying, selling, growing and making of wine are often called on to answer the all-important question of what to drink in every given situation. So, we at Early Mountain winery in central Virginia are thrilled to share our recommendations for the campfire. Some reflections:

You are an expert
Every wine drinker is an expert in their own tastebuds so speak with confidence at your favorite wine shop- sharing what flavors you generally like (feel free to use beer, cocktails, or wines you currently love as a reference) and don’t apologize for your preferences. If you like sweet and
fruit driven flavors, citrus, spice, or a bit of edgy bitterness a knowledgeable wine salesperson can guide you appropriately. We promise it will work better than grabbing the prettiest label.

Consider the food
Don’t get hung up with “rules” but some basic reference points can help guide you – sweet flavors (s’mores, anyone?) do best with fruit driven or sweet wines (Lambrusco, fresh young reds such as the Early Mountain Soif blend). Grilled pineapple shines with a demi-sec sparkling or Chenin Blanc. Grilled flavors sing with wines touched by smoky oak (Cabernet Franc, barrel aged Chardonnays). Mild flavors of seafood and veggies benefit from a zip of acidity (Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Manseng).

Drink Local
We encourage you to skip the supermarket mass brands and instead pop into a local wine shop or local winery to see what is happening close to your Getaway. Whether central Virginia, upstate NY, or Texas hill country, the last 10 years have brought an incredible surge in passionate quality winemaking in lesser known regions. And many of these wines don’t make it beyond their state borders, so make your Getaway a chance to discover something new.

And we’ll let you in on a secret – any wine tastes better when you’re relaxed, tuned out, and surrounded by friends. So pretty much any choice will be a win.

Find out more about Early Mountain here, or book an escape to Getaway Shenandoah and be sure to check them out on the way there or back.

Early Mountain Vineyards is just a short drive from Getaway Shenandoah, and home to an award-winning tasting room and sprawling vineyards. We asked them for tips on how to pair wine for your next campfire cooking session.