How to Getaway

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Getaway in the Winter

Tina and her girlfriend are both nurses in Philadelphia. Their now one-year-old chocolate lab pup, Macon, has all the energy in the world—so they’re frequently looking for outdoor adventures to do around the city. They decided to try out a winter Getaway at our Boston outpost. Here’s what she had to say about their experience:

When a friend told me I NEED to check out Getaway house, after minimal research, I couldn’t think of anything more perfect to get us out of the city and all spending quality time together—and the dog can join us too!?

We love to camp, and we were disappointed when the seasons started to change; it was December, and we hadn’t taken our new pup (now two months old) on a camping trip. That was when I started finally looking into setting a date. Unsure if wintertime tiny cabin-ing was a good idea, we decided, why not check it out and make a two-day trip out of it (driving through a northeastern snowstorm on the way there, because we were not about to miss out on our stay) to get up to the Boston Outpost.

Not only was it a snowstorm, but it was negative degrees outside without windchill, and I can’t say enough about how perfectly cozy and comfortable it was inside. Camping minus the cold, and with the addition of an unbelievably comfortable bed to sleep on: amazing. We were so surprised to see treats for Macon that occupied her for the whole night. There was even space for her portable crate to set up, which we ended up not needing. In the morning, I was determined to make breakfast over the fire, and despite a ton of snow, the pit, and the path to the pit were clear, with all the supplies I needed in the outside bin for a tiny fee.

It was perfect, and the best recharge, any time of year. I wish we could’ve stayed two more nights at least. Here’s what I will be more intentional about for our next visit:

  • Go into the city and use the recommendations of places and local stores to visit; purchase your groceries, beverages, and supplies locally.
  • Go on the local hikes recommended by Getaway.
  • Make a meal over the fire; no matter the time of year.
  • Make a meal over the stove and get creative, it is fun to use the quaint space and supplies.
  • USE THE PHONE LOCKBOX; we all need a break from those things.
  • Journal, read the books, do the activities, sit in silence, and ask questions you’ve been wanting to ask but haven’t had the ‘time’ for.

I think we found our new anniversary celebration spot, winter and all. We forget sometimes in these cold-weather areas of the country what we can go do. Change the pace, scenery, routine, and slow it down.


If Tina’s story has sparked your interest, maybe it’s time to plan your own winter escape. Book your Getaway today.