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How to Prepare for Your Disconnected Getaway

It’s no secret that we love to disconnect. Throw our phones in the cell phone lockbox, ignore notifications for a few days, and just enjoy the simple respite of nature.

Many of our Outposts have little to no cell phone reception to help you embrace the true freedom of being remote. While that’s an exciting notion for many, it can be daunting for some. We put together a handy guide to help you prepare for your remote Getaway.

1. Download how to get there and how to get back

Photo by Kelsey Ann Rose (

In our cities, we rely so heavily on our phones and GPS, it can be hard to remember that those handy tools are dependent on good service. Your best bet to ensuring you know exactly how to get to where you need to be (and equally important – how to get back home), is to download necessary directions to your phone. Even better, go old school and print them out. If you’re using Google maps, check out this handy guide.

2. Print out directions to any local attractions you want to go to

Peruse through the Journal right here to find recommendations near your Outpost. If you’d like to go anywhere during your stay, be sure to download and/or print instructions on how to get there and back.

3. Be sure you’re packing the right things

Check out our packing lists ahead of time. We provide all the essentials so you don’t have to bring too much with you, but note that sometimes grocery stores or modern conveniences aren’t right around the corner.

4. Know the Outpost address

Keep it handy. We recommend physically writing it down, but you can always save it to the notes section on your phone. A pro tip: check the map for a nearby landmark that’s en route. You’ll know you are close by when you’ve passed that landmark.

5. Know our customer service number

You can always call us if you run into trouble, as there is a landline in your cabin. Our number is (617) 914-0021. The number will also be in your cabin should you need anything ahead of arrival.

6. We’re here to help

Our Outposts outside of Portland and Atlanta have a help phone if you run into any issues when you’re outside of your cabin. Refer to your map (remember – you already have it downloaded on your phone) for its location.

7. Don’t be scared, no service can be a blessing

What better way to appreciate the present than to remove all the distractions around you?

Have any questions? Email us at [email protected]

For Your Free Time

Easy Tips for Staying Balanced Throughout the Day

Holistic health consultant and healthy lifestyle designer Paola Atlason doesn’t believe in just taking vacations for balance. She practices self-care every day and incorporates balance into her daily routine. Paola will soon be unplugging and de-stressing in one of our cabins. But in the meantime, Paola is sharing with us her tips for bringing the best parts of Getaway into our daily routines.

Practical and easy self-care tips for staying balanced throughout the day

One of my favorite ways to recalibrate is by being in nature. As a New Yorker for the past 20 years this is not always easy, so I rely on a handful of self-care rituals to keep me grounded throughout the day.

I would first like to demystify what “self-care” means- it simply refers to any practice in which you feel cared for and supported. It doesn’t involve costly products, it doesn’t have to be time consuming, you can do it from the comfort of your home and in your own time. It should be practiced in bite sizes, throughout the day, every day – not saved exclusively for Sundays.

The most important ritual is to begin the day with a focus on yourself. Those few minutes spent in nurturing silence set the tone for the rest of your waking hours. The following is my trusted 3-step morning routine, one that I’ve practiced for years and still brings me joy:


By placing attention on the breath upon awakening, we welcome clean energy into our bodies. Conscious deep breathing oxygenates the blood and ignites internal heat, which is very important during the cold winter months.

The Technique:
While laying in bed take a full deep breath in for a count of four, and slowly release for a count of six. Feel free to sigh or open your mouth as you exhale. Repeat for 4 to 6 rounds and as you scan your body, smile, stretch and indulge.


As you open your eyes, in your mind list three things you’re grateful for. This easy yet highly effective practice changes your brain chemistry and shifts the focus onto the positive. Keep it simple to begin with (I’m often grateful for my hands and sunlight). Once you get going, your list will grow.


My favorite hands-on ritual is “dry skin brushing”. This practice promotes circulation and detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system (aka the body’s washing machine). Using a natural bristle brush – before you shower – with firm yet gentle strokes start at the bottom of your feet and brush up the legs, torso and arms, and back down the neck and chest towards the heart.

Paola Atlason Head Shot

For detailed step-by-step instructions and brush recommendations please visit my blog.

How to Getaway

Ways to Spend Your Getaway with Your Significant Other

We believe in disconnecting to reconnect with what’s really important, including your relationship with your significant other. It can be easy to let work and other distractions get in the way of spending quality time together.

This Valentines Day, find some time to bring you and your partner closer together as a couple. We have a list of activities to get you started on just that. Whether you’re in the comfort of your home or on a peaceful escape, this list of activities will help you and your Valentine bond together.

Answer the 36 Questions That Lead to Love

Women Chatting

This famous list featuring 36 questions meant to build intimacy was popularized by a New York Times Modern Love column in 2015. Originally created by a team of psychologists led by Arthur Aron, the questions are based on the idea that vulnerability fosters closeness. Try them with your partner to get to know them better and don’t let the length of your relationship stop you. Answers can change with time and can remind you of why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

Learn a New Skill Together

Mary Otanez Photography Engagement

Whether it’s as simple as learning to tie a knot together or as challenging as learning a new language, let the process of learning bring you closer. Even just trying out a new recipe together can bring you closer. Talk about the shared experience and what may be easy or challenging about your activity. Ask each other for help when you hit a snag. It’s those little gestures that can foster closer connection.

Write Each Other A Letter

Writing in Cabin

Sometimes communication is easier through writing. Try penning a letter to your partner telling them your favorite qualities about them and ask them 3-5 questions. Then swap letters and write each other back. Writing together will bond you and can give you another avenue to connect with one another.

Dance it Out

If you and your partner want to lighten the mood, have a dance party. Dancing will get your endorphins going. Don’t worry if you don’t think your dancing skills are up to par – there’s no winners or losers in a dance party. It’s good to let yourself be silly around your partner and make each other laugh.

While you can do these just about anywhere, we’re of course partial to Getaway. Let yourselves escape the city, put your phones away, and reconnect in nature together.

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Features | Guest Stories

Getaway Presents: BookSparks’s Winter Must-Reads

In our modern over-stimulated world, we believe it’s important to take time to disconnect from our screens and recharge. Being sucked in by a good read is a great way take a break from your phone.

Every Getaway cabin comes with a selection of books, but just in case you want to bring your own, our friends at BookSparks shared with us their list of winter must-reads. Whether  you prefer memoirs or thrillers, this list has the perfect book for you to curl up with when it’s chilly outside.

The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald

The Night Olivia Fell

In this heartbreaking new thriller from Christina McDonald, a mother is forced to come to terms with her daughter’s near-death encounter, while tracking down the truth about what happened to her. Abi has been told that her daughter attempted to take her own life, but when she finds suspicious bruises on Olivia’s wrists, she refuses to accept the police’s explanation. Things get more dire when Abi finds out that her daughter is not only brain dead, but pregnant, with doctors keeping Olivia on life support to keep the baby alive. Racing against the clock to find out the truth, Abi’s finding will reveal an evil truth no mother should ever have to face.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

The perfect winter read for Game of Thrones fans, Marlon James’s new novel brings readers a masterful mashup of fantasy, history and folklore. Tracker is a hunter who has always insisted on working by himself, but when he’s armed with a rag-tag search team and given the task of finding a young boy who has been missing for three years, he’ll come to find that this job will be unlike any he’s ever embarked on before. With the appearance of deadly creatures and deep-rooted secrets, Tracker realizes that finding the boy could mean life or death for him and his entire group.

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

Night Tiger

Two young and ambitious souls find themselves on a thrilling new journey in The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo. Ji Lin will do anything to help pay back her mom’s debts and when she finds an unsettling item in the dance hall where she works, it sends her on the kind of adventure she has always craved. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Ren is doing his best to track down an item from his late master. As Ji Lin and Ren’s paths collide, they’ll learn the true devastation of love and the hope that can bloom in even the darkest of places.  

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

A mysterious and intriguing illness plagues the pages of this new release by New York Times bestselling author, Karen Thompson Walker. When a young college student finds that her roommate won’t wake up no matter how hard she tries, it becomes a case for doctors who can’t seem to get to the bottom of the mystery. As more and more people fall victim to this disturbing illness, everyone goes into survival mode, doing what they can to avoid the sickness. But as doctors monitor those who have been affected, they soon realize that their brain function is consistently increasing leaving everyone to wonder what the victims are dreaming about.

Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land

If you’re a memoir fan and haven’t picked up Maid by Stephanie Land yet, it’s time to add it to your Amazon cart. This touching true story follows the life and trying times of a young mother who did everything she could to get by and provide a full life for her daughter. Leaving the idea of college and becoming a full-time writer behind, she took to working as a maid and taking as many classes as she could at night to further her journalism dreams. Through heartwrenching dedication and harrowing experiences, Land learned what it really means to be part of the working class in the United States. In this new memoir, Land details the horrors of trying to get by in America—a story that not many are brave enough to tell.

Grab your favorite read, curl up, and lose time in its pages. The best place to do just that is right here at Getaway.


Four Meaningful Gifts for Your Valentine

Gifting can be hard, so we have curated a collection of meaningful gifts to give this Valentine’s Day. Think your less traditional chocolates and flowers, and more thoughtful ways to bring you both together.

There’s a special thing we like to say about going on a Getaway, which is that we provide you with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Gift giving can be a challenge in that respect – why clutter with more “things,” when really the ultimate gift is just one another? That’s why we’ve compiled a very short list of some very no frills things that will surprise, delight, and reconnect you with your loved one – whether it’s a partner, a child, or maybe even just falling more deeply in love with yourself.

Monthly Plant Subscription

Plants on Table

As minimalist houseplant company, The Sill, tries to remind us, plants make people happy. Bring a piece of the natural world inside and give your partner (and/or yourself) the ongoing gift of greenery. Learn how to tend to a plant, and bask in that humid glow.

We like this pet-friendly plant subscription.

Photo Book


Savor those special moments. Buy a photo book and fill it with cherished places, artifacts, and memories you’ve spent together. Bonus points if you leave space for your future adventures together.

Try this one from Artifact Uprising.

Cooking Class

Chop tomatoes.
Chop tomatoes.

There’s that not-quite-yet tired cliche that food is the language of love. Gift a cooking class and learn how to create delicious meals for each other from scratch.

Try the handmade pasta class at Taste Buds Kitchen or check out the vegan options at Natural Gourmet Institute.

Time Spent Together

Big Window

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is spending time together. Give the gift of an unforgettable few days of disconnection, a stay when time seems to stretch right before your very eyes.

We believe in getting back in touch with what matters, especially time with loved ones. There’s no better time to celebrate and reconnect than Valentine’s Day.

For Your Free Time

Getaway for your Everyday

Here at Getaway, we believe in the importance of building balance into our daily lives. To disconnect from the technological world and reconnect with the natural world, not just when you visit our cabins, but in your every day. 

Creating this balance not only provides you with quiet, unstructured time to recharge; it allows you to better focus when you are engaged with work, technology, and the hustle and bustle of city living.

To get you in that balanced mindset, we have some tips to bring the healthy benefits of Getaway back into your everyday life.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb

Work is stressful; but when the day is done, allow yourself some time to recharge. Start building a strong work-life balance by putting your phone on Do Not Disturb mode when you leave the office. This lets you destress and allows your mind to wander away from those projects and assignments, so you can focus on the other important parts of your life – like your loved ones or your favorite hobbies.

Take a break and get some fresh air

Intention setting at Getaway

Schedule time into your workday to step outside. Nature is an important part of our lives and taking a constructive break will help you refocus once you return to work. Take a walk through a nearby park or take 15 minutes to just sit outside in the fresh air. Let the outdoors re-energize you before you take on the rest of the work day.

Introduce hands-on and analog activities into your free time

Experience Gift

Every Getaway cabin comes equipped with a booklet of conversation starters and fun activities. Whether you want to start a fulfilling conversation with your partner or engage your brain in a puzzle, we love finding joy in those analog moments. While our cabins create our favorite scene for this, there’s a lot you can do right at home. Ask your partner or friends a thought provoking question, meditate for a few minutes (or more), do a puzzle. Sometimes the best activity is letting yourself do nothing.

Artist Fellowship | Features

Getaway Artist Fellow Profile: Anna Tullis

Anna Tullis has been all around the US. Born in Colorado, she moved to Kansas City to work for a non-profit before relocating to Los Angeles to attend college. These days, she finds herself in New York City, recently having completed a graduate degree at The Juilliard School of Drama.

As an actor, writer, and photographer, Anna enjoys crafting anecdotes about the people, passersby, and surroundings she observes. Informed by her photography, these ideas morph into short stories, vignettes, and poems that feed her expression on the stage and screen.

Anna Tullis Cabin Exterior

After four rigorous years of graduate school, she is mindful to allot time to escape it all. To get away from the bustle of New York City, Anna enjoys traveling upstate, visiting her home in Colorado, people watching in Washington Square Park, or sitting at home in her room and rediscovering serenity.

Anna Tullis Trees

As an Artist Fellow, Anna integrated the solitude and peacefulness of our New York Outpost with its opposite: the constant, taxing presence and pressure of the crowds in New York City. One of her goals was to find inspiration and quiet in nature, to be still, listen, observe, and nurture her innermost self and refuel.

She produced a series of photos and written pieces formatted on her typewriter, capturing nature’s expressiveness through the stillness, aromas, animals, and colors of the Catskills and her tiny cabin in late fall. Enjoy one of her ethereal creations here.

Anna Tullis Poetry


The Right to Disconnect

New York, the city that never sleeps, is set to introduce a bill that would allow employees the right to disconnect from ‘electronic communications’ after work hours. Proposed on March 22 by Rafael Espinal, this bill would make it illegal to force employees to check and respond to email while they aren’t on the clock.

This is a huge step towards countering the 24/7 culture we’ve come to accept as normal and what I’ve called the ‘Great Spillover’—the line between work and life has become so blurred that we’re answering emails during dinner with loved ones and we’re watching cat videos during meetings.

European countries have already established similar laws. France, on the first day of January in 2017, passed a ‘right to disconnect’ law that required companies to establish hours where staff should not send or answer emails, in order to prevent burnout. Studies have shown that people who respond to work emails after 9 pm actually experience lower quality sleep.

At Getaway, our first core tenet of how we work is to build the counterbalance. Our mission is driven by the fact that the digital age has created a gross imbalance in our lives. We are here to be a counterbalance to others, and we believe in finding that balance in our own lives—which includes work. Our meetings always have an agenda and each of our teams have protected ‘production mornings’ where Slack, email and instant messages are banned.

Protecting our daily routines is good, but the spillover effect impacts our vacation time as well.

A whopping 61% of Americans don’t use all of their vacation time, which is why we have a mandatory vacation policy at Getaway.

Daily rest at home after work is important, but real vacations to relieve the mind and inspire creativity is crucial as well.

As the importance of off-time becomes more apparent and needed, I hope to see more and more companies enforcing vacation rather than having a loose ‘unlimited vacation’ policy that can dangerously slip into a culture where no vacation is taken at all. This is where the importance of culture reigns: because even if the ‘right-to-disconnect’ bill passes in New York, it requires buy-in from employers and employees alike to commit to stop checking emails past bedtime and to get a little more sleep.

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