Valentine's Couple

Gifting can be hard, so we have curated a collection of meaningful gifts to give this Valentine’s Day. Think your less traditional chocolates and flowers, and more thoughtful ways to bring you both together.

There’s a special thing we like to say about going on a Getaway, which is that we provide you with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Gift giving can be a challenge in that respect – why clutter with more “things,” when really the ultimate gift is just one another? That’s why we’ve compiled a very short list of some very no frills things that will surprise, delight, and reconnect you with your loved one – whether it’s a partner, a child, or maybe even just falling more deeply in love with yourself.

Monthly Plant Subscription

Plants on Table

As minimalist houseplant company, The Sill, tries to remind us, plants make people happy. Bring a piece of the natural world inside and give your partner (and/or yourself) the ongoing gift of greenery. Learn how to tend to a plant, and bask in that humid glow.

We like this pet-friendly plant subscription.

Photo Book


Savor those special moments. Buy a photo book and fill it with cherished places, artifacts, and memories you’ve spent together. Bonus points if you leave space for your future adventures together.

Try this one from Artifact Uprising.

Cooking Class

Chop tomatoes.
Chop tomatoes.

There’s that not-quite-yet tired cliche that food is the language of love. Gift a cooking class and learn how to create delicious meals for each other from scratch.

Try the handmade pasta class at Taste Buds Kitchen or check out the vegan options at Natural Gourmet Institute.

Time Spent Together

Big Window

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is spending time together. Give the gift of an unforgettable few days of disconnection, a stay when time seems to stretch right before your very eyes.

We believe in getting back in touch with what matters, especially time with loved ones. There’s no better time to celebrate and reconnect than Valentine’s Day.

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