Campfire Cooking

Cabin Cooking: Paleo Stew

Photographer Jennifer Young believes that her way of connecting, communicating and sharing with the world is through imagery. Here, she shares a moment of her Getaway stay and a simple-to-make Paleo Stew recipe.


1 medium yellow onion
2 medium carrots
2 small squash or Zucchini
3-4 small purple or red potatoes
1/2 lb. grass-fed ground beef
3T Kerrygold salted butter, cubed
salt and pepper to taste

Items Needed

Fire pit
Cutting board
Aluminum foil


Prepare a campfire, allowing 30-45 minutes for wood to burn down thoroughly to create ideal cooking conditions.

Once your fire is established, layer two, 18×12-inch sheets of aluminum foil on a flat surface. On a cutting board, dice the onion, carrots, squash, and potatoes and arrange at the center of the foil.

Add butter, salt, pepper and ground beef to your mixture, and blend together until all the ingredients are evenly distributed. Using your foil, wrap the concoction utilizing the “burrito method” to ensure your hobo pack remains intact (try to leave a little space for the airflow).

After your hobo pack is fully prepped, create a bed of coals at the center of your fire ring approximately three times the size of your prepared paleo stew. Place the pack at the center and cook for 20-30 minutes.


A variety of different veggies can be used depending on preference. Olive oil can be substituted for butter if desired.