October Reflections: On Halloween

Halloween brings back fall feelings of crisp days in Minnesota, when there was a 50/50 chance snow would already be falling as we bundled up, grabbed our pillowcases, and went door to door trick-or-treating.

The first costume I ever remember loving was a candy corn. My mom sewed the costume to be big enough to fit a snow suit underneath, in case a blizzard came.

Halloween conjures up so many memories, ones that I’m sure are familiar to you, too. Dreaming up costumes, running from house to house, striking gold when I found my favorite candy (Peanut M&Ms for me, what about you?), comparing who got the best loot at the end of the night.

As a kid, I appreciated Halloween for the candy. Now I remember it fondly for the joy of being with friends and family and having fun in the cold, autumn air. When I read stats like the fact that kids only spend 7 minutes per day outside in unstructured play (compared with 3 hours+ spent on screens), it makes memories like Halloween all the more exceptional.

Of course, that’s a bit of what we’re trying to do at Getaway. We hope to unlock moments unencumbered by the normal stresses of our city lives, our always-on culture, and our own standards of ourselves – to simply have fun and create the memories that we’ll still smile about 5, 10, 20, even 40 years down the line.

Our guest Jamie at Getaway Beaver Creek, close to Pittsburgh and Cleveland, got what we are going for:

“The cabin was the perfect place to experience a camping trip without the discomfort that comes from camping in a tent. I’m never going to forget the way my kids gasped and cheered when we opened the door for the first time and they saw that they’d be sleeping in the coolest loft they’d ever seen. I know they’ll never forget it.”

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and disconnected Halloween.

Be Well,