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May Reflections: On Growth

Cabin Interior

Today we opened Outposts 5 and 6, one just outside of Portland and one in between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I’m excited and proud that this is a year of growth for Getaway.

Portland Outpost

To see how Getaway has caught on with guests is invigorating for our whole team. We feel energized by the new challenges that arise from maintaining an incredible experience as we expand across the country.

Yet on a more fundamental level, what this growth really means is that we’re adding more disconnected hours to the world. We’re putting more families in quiet spaces together where they can play games and make traditions. We’re allowing loved ones to spark conversations, to take adventures, to challenge themselves and one another. We’re committing to our promise of offering a counterbalance to our city routines.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak at the Travel Forward conference in Washington, DC. I’ll spare you the speech, but after my talk I was pleasantly surprised by many attendees who approached me to share how much they loved their Getaways. They told me about what the experience gave them, that Getaway is their favorite place, that they’ve gone four times, or that they had made a new tradition of going every year with a growing family.

may reflections

I can’t wait to hear more and more of your stories – outside of DC, Boston, New York, Atlanta, and now Portland, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and soon Los Angeles and Dallas.

I hope this is also a year of growth for all of us in our individual quests to find balance in this chaotic world. If Getaway can be a small part of that journey for you, that is what will truly make my year.

Be Well,