Loving Out Loud

In past years, I’ve written here about what Pride means to me as a gay man, as a CEO, as a person who loves spending time in nature, and the intersection of all of those things.

It isn’t about me though: the ongoing movement for full LGBTQ+ equality, the effort to reclaim nature for all of us, and the counterculture of carving out more free time are not individual pursuits to achieve individual ends, but collective efforts — large and small, loud and quiet, public and private — to create a better and more just world. 

And so, this month we’re celebrating Pride by spotlighting our LGBTQ+ guests, creators, and community. Additionally we’ll be donating to the two organizations highlighted below. We hope you will join us in championing their efforts.

This June, we’re celebrating the joyous, inclusive communities that bring light to the natural world around us. We’ve partnered with @queerart and @southernequalitystudios—two organizations that support LGBTQIA+ equality, throughout the arts and beyond.

With Love,