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June Reflections: Vacation Days + Disconnecting

Our company is about increasing the amount of balance in people’s lives, so whether I like it or not, I have to go on vacation to set a good example.

During my time off in June, I tried to truly disconnect. I hiked, I biked, I kayaked, I slept, I read Do Not Say We Have Nothing. I broke our “No email or Slack on vacation rule” just once to send the team a picture of me, with a beer, in the forest.

I tried to truly disconnect.


Muddy vacation legs.

It sounds idyllic. And it was, but the full truth is that even as the leader of a company about balance, I worry about taking time off. When I do take time off, I worry about fully disconnecting. What if the team needs me? What if our investors and partners think I am not committed? Will everyone work hard and make good decisions while I am gone?

The reality, of course, is that everything was fine. In fact, the team got more than usual done in my absence, including launching brand-new cabins at our DC Outpost. As importantly, I came back in a better mood, with new ideas, and a renewed commitment to our mission.

Reflecting on your feedback

As always, core to our mission is prioritizing the experience of Getaway above everything. To constantly improve, we listen to our guests and read 346 feedback emails this month. Here’s one that made me smile: “There was a moment right before sunset when my partner and I decided to take a walk: it almost felt like we were in an alternative universe.”

There was a moment right before sunset when my partner and I decided to take a walk: it almost felt like we were in an alternative universe.

When working on vacation or not taking a vacation at all seems to be the norm, to spend a day with nothing planned at all can feel a bit strange. But it’s a good reminder that an alternate universe where people take real breaks exists, and that it can become the norm rather than the exception.

Summer is now in full swing. What are you doing to make sure yours doesn’t get swallowed by the pings of push notifications and stresses of the city?

Be well,

Jon, CEO + Founder



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