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Escape Into a New Read: Book Recommendations with Taylor Tippett

Earlier this year, we hosted writer, reader, and flight attendant, Taylor Tippett at Getaway Big Bear so she could disconnect from the noise and reconnect to nature. During her stay, she enjoyed lots of reading time, and returned with a few book recommendations for your next escape to nature.

All The Dangerous Things by Stacy Willingham (Thriller)

This book is probably my favorite thriller this year! Stacy Willingham has this way or writing that gets under your skin and makes you feel creepy crawly. In this book we follow a Mom that hasn’t slept since her son disappeared a year ago. She’s become a speaker sharing her and her sons story at crime conventions in hopes that she can get some answers on what happened to him/find potential suspects. She meets a man who decides to help her as he records a podcast of her whole story. Flipping back from present day timeline trying to figure out what happened to her son & hopping back to the main characters creepy childhood; you can’t put this book down. 

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Fiction/Romance)

TJR is the queen but this book just did something to my soul. Imagine you lose your husband in a helicopter crash. Absolutely devastating. You break, you grieve, you heal, you accept love again. Years later, the main character is engaged to be married and her husband (who she thought was dead) calls her to tell her he’s alive and coming back. What do you do? Go back to the love you knew or continue with your new life. 

Words From The Window Seat by Taylor Tippett (Inspiration)

Hi it’s me! I wrote a book about courage, kindness, growth, mental health (just a lot of really real, beautiful things). If you want to sit down and read my story of becoming and finding kindness through my job as a flight attendant – this book is for you. It’s a lot of things and I think you will love it. 

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah (Fiction)

This is probably hands down one of my favorite books ever. Think a really broken childhood, moving to Alaska. Winters there barely surviving. Growing up. A lot of heavy, real stuff in marriage and childhood. Falling in love. All the things. You just have to read this one.

The Body Guard by Katherine Center (Contempary Romance)

My favorite romance this year. Even typing how this book made me feel makes me smile. A super famous actor gets a very unlikely bodyguard since he has a stalker. He ends up having to go live on his family ranch due to a family health scare. He doesn’t want his family to worry and know he has a stalker and body guard, so they fake date. This book made me feel all the things a good rom-com should. 

For more recommendations from Taylor, check out her bookstagram.