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Guest Book: Callie and Ben’s Getaway Engagement

Guests Callie and Ben grew up on the Eastern shore of Maryland and now reside in Annapolis, MD. Callie says, “technically we knew ‘of’ each other for a long time before we actually met.” Ben happened to be really good friends with Callie’s older brother, but the two never hung out in the same crowd until after college.

“I always thought Ben was cute, and I knew he was a super nice guy, but we didn’t really know each other,” says Callie. “A few years ago, my brother was living in another state and told me that a couple of his friends (Ben being one of them) were coming to visit for the weekend and that I should get their flight info and join! Ben and I really hit off that weekend. Not in a romantic way at the time, but we just clicked and had so much fun together. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t hung out until then, because we were really missing out! After a few weeks, he asked me out on a date and we have been together ever since.”

Callie asked her brother if he was okay with her dating one of his friends, and he said, “If it were anybody else, I would think it was weird. But you and Ben just make a lot of sense.”

After two close friends went on their own Getaway and posted a photo online from their cabin, Callie immediately googled Getaway, and the couple set up their stay.

“We have traveled together a lot but realized we had never taken a real trip just the two of us.” Callie says, “We thought it would be perfect to unplug and spend the weekend together doing things we loved. We booked it as our Christmas present to each other for President’s Day weekend—not even realizing it was also Valentine’s Day weekend too. It was meant to be!”

Little did Callie know, Ben carried a ring around with him during the entire day of their Getaway.

Callie says, “He even snuck a picture of him holding it out right behind me as I was walking. He had planned to propose while we were on our hike. He was going to wait until we got to the waterfall to ask someone to take a picture of us and then get down on one knee!” However, Ben’s plans were foiled by the fact that they were the only ones at the bottom of the waterfall.

“When we finally got back to the cabin and started to unwind, we made a
fire, played games, listened to music, and just enjoyed being in each other’s company for a while, and it was so nice. It was very relaxing and felt special that it was just the two of us.”

“That’s why I was very confused when gave him a hug and felt his heart beating super fast. I asked what that was about and said he had no idea. He said his knee was bothering him a little from the hike and started kneeling down to hold it. It took me a second to realize that he had gotten fully down on one knee and was staring up at me with a box in his hand. The look on his face was so precious, and he had the sweetest speech for me. I couldn’t stop the happy tears from falling, and by the end of it I was nearly jumping up and down—and, of course, I said yes!”

“We had such an amazing time!” Callie says, “We went hiking in the National Park, shopped at a cute little place full of handcrafted goods made by local artisans, relaxed by the fire. It was just so peaceful to step away from our super hectic lifestyles for a few days and really be together with no distractions.”

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