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A Spring Reading List with BookSparks

Spring is in full swing and there are so many new releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on! From chilling new thrillers to oh-so-sweet YA romances, Spring is filled with exciting releases that we can’t wait to add to our TBR pile. 

One Got Away by SA Lelchuk

Private-investigator Nikki Griffin’s life code is to protect women from dangerous, abusive men, and Nikki can’t turn away from her latest case. She is enlisted by a matriarch of a wealthy San Francisco family to find the con-man who robbed them of their money. However, as she works, she discovers that she was not told the full truth and is put in danger in the process. Nikki must decide who to save, as well as how to save herself in this situation.

Game of Cones by Abby Collette

Bronwyn Crewse is currently in charge of her family’s old ice cream shop and has worked hard to restore the shop to its former glory. However, all of her hard work is being threatened by a big city developer who plans on building a mall in its place. But when Bronwyn’s closest friend soon discovers the developer’s body, she is immediately considered the top suspect in his murder. To make matters worse, Bronwyn’s aunt is in town, threatening to take ownership away from her. She must work hard to prove her friend’s innocence while defending her family’s shop. 

For All She Knows by Jamie Beck

Grace and Mimi have been friends since their children were toddlers, forming an unexpected bond. However, when tragedy strikes Grace’s teenage son after a party it creates a deep community rift. The afterparty chaos threatens both of the women in different way. Grace’s seemingly perfect marriage is falling apart, and Mimi’s business is struggling, and her custody agreement is affected. Along with this, a young cop enters Mimi’s life, which causes Grace to be jealous of the prospect of new love. Will Mimi and Grace learn how to forgive, or will they lose everything?

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry by Joya Goffney 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before meets One of Us is Lying, Quinn’s life is held together by her journal – crushes, to-do’s, boys – it’s all there. But when someone snags the book and makes a scathing Instagram post in Quinn’s honor, she must race against her blackmailer, time, and her most vivid nightmares with the help of the last person to see her journal – Carter Bennett – in order to get her privacy back. Little does Quinn know that she may just find some romance along the way.

The Sound Between the Notes by Barbara Linn Probst

Susannah was a gifted pianist until she put her dream on hold to be a mom to her son sixteen years ago. She wanted to guarantee that her son would not go through what she did as an adopted child. When Susannah is given a second chance at returning to the stage, she is determined to get back in the spotlight. However, when she learns that she has a progressive hereditary disease that impacts her playing fingers, Susannah is sent deep back into her memories. She must face herself and truly figure out where her place is in the world. 

The Marvelous Mirza Girls by Sheba Karim 

If you’ve binged Gilmore Girls before, The Marvelous Mirza Girls should definitely be on your summer TBR list. Post senior-year and amid the loss of a relative, Norine decides that a gap year and a trip to New Dehli with her mom are just what she needs. What she isn’t expecting: Kabir. She finds herself quickly falling for his charm and sense of adventure, but when dark family secrets begin to unveil themselves, Norine must figure out how to stand by Kabir or set boundaries in love.

The Ladies of the Secret Circus by Constance Sayers

In 2005, Lara Barnes’ fiancé disappears before their wedding without a trace. As she looks for answers and clues for his whereabouts, Lara picks up her great-grandmother’s journals. The pages are filled with stories of the women in her family through the years and the curse that has been placed on them. She is immersed in the story of Cecile Cabot and her family’s magical secret circus set in Paris 80 years prior. This story is filled with mystery, deadly magic, and tragic romance and is perfect for fans of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. 

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia 

In present day Miami, Jeanette is battling addiction and her mother Carmen, a Cuban immigrant, is still grappling with her displacement and trying to keep her daughter on the right path. Jeanette, desperate to learn more about her family history, decides to go to Cuba to see her grandmother but secrets from the past are sure to erupt. A Good Morning America Book Club pick, Of Women and Salt is a captivating must-read debut.

When We Were All Still Alive by Keith McWalter

Conrad is a successful attorney, father, and husband who is nearing the slower part of his life. He lost his first wife to youth and pride, and married his second wife a few years later, happiness to ensue. However, tragedy strikes when his second wife passes due to a violent and sudden accident. Conrad finds that he still has a story to tell in his already long life and has many lessons to learn from his past loves, especially from the woman he can’t live without. 

Permission to Dream by Chris Gardner

From the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir and major motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness comes a timeless and timely manifesto for turning dreams into action. Within the story, Chris and his granddaughter set off on a journey into a foreboding Chicago neighborhood to find the harmonica of her dreams. Still grappling with his girlfriend’s passing, Chris knows just how short life can be and he is determined to reclaim his permission to dream again, while also inspiring his granddaughter to manifest her dreams. 

Prohibition Wine by Marian Leah Knapp

Based on the true story, Prohibition Wine is a story about Rebecca Goldberg, a Jewish immigrant from the Russian Empire who decides to do whatever it takes to provide for her children after losing her husband. In order to care for her six children alone, Rebecca starts to sell fresh eggs to her friends and family in Boston. However, as Prohibition started to roll out in 1920, she is suggested by one of her customers to start selling alcohol along with her eggs. She spends the next couple years being a part of illegal alcohol trade until she is brought in to speak before a judge about her sales, where her charges are dropped with the help of a former customer. Prepare to be sucked into the story of a woman whose business rocked headlines and made history. 

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee 

In Emery Lee’s adorable new novel, we meet Noah, a self-proclaimed romantic expert and blogger of trans happily-ever-afters. The only problem? He’s never experienced one himself. When a troll exposes his blog “Meet Cute Diary” as fake, Noah must find a way to prove that all of these love stories are true. Enter Drew, who is willing to fake-date Noah and give him the help he needs. But when Noah’s feelings grow larger than their façade, he realizes that falling in love is a lot harder than his fantasies made it out to be.

Under the Southern Sky by Kristy Woodson Harvey

While researching for her most recent article about abandoned frozen embryos, Amelia discovers something that hits closer to home than she expected. One of the abandoned embryos that she’s investigated belongs to her childhood best friend, Parker, and his late wife, Greer. Amelia decides to reach out to her old friend to tell him about this discovery, opening up old wounds in the process. After finding out, Parker decides to find a surrogate and raise the child on his own. While staying at their childhood home, Buxton Beach, they overcome their own individual grief together and find family in each other again.

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai 

A Marie Claire Book Club Pick, The Dating Plan follows software engineer, Daisy Patel who asks her childhood crush, Liam, to play her decoy fiancé to keep her family happy. Liam, a venture capitalist, just learned his inheritance is contingent on being married…The pair go on a series of dates to legitimatize their fake relationship, but when real sparks fly they realize there is nothing convenient about their arrangement. Will Daisy be able to overlook Liam breaking her heart nine years ago?

Perfect Daughter by DJ Palmer

Grace and her husband found Penny abandoned in the park years ago and took her in as their own. As the years went on, Penny’s different “personalities” emerged, bringing forth disturbing behavior. Convinced it is severe multiple personality disorder, Grace takes Penny to psychiatrist Dr. Mitch McHugh who discovers Abigail inside of Penny. After Penny is locked in a psychiatric ward for murder, Grace is convinced that there is something more to this murder and her motivations. She and Dr. McHugh work together to prove that Abigail is the key to figuring out Penny’s past as well as the murder that was committed.

Anna K Away by Jenny Lee 

Anna K lives every Manhattan girl’s dream life. She’s never been the typical teenage girl. Until she crosses paths with Alexia “Count” Vronsky at Grand Central Station, that is. The two are polar opposites – Alexia the notorious, transatlantic playboy and Anna, prim, proper and put together. But the two have one key thing in common – neither one had ever been in love before they met the other. But when an earthshattering event rocks their relationship, Anna must question not only everything she knows about Alexia, but also everything she knows about herself.

Kate in Waiting by Becky Albertali

Best friends Kate and Garfield have always done everything together, from joining the musical to having the same crushes on different guys. To them, having a shared crush is fun and is enjoyable to discuss from afar. However, when their most recent crush, Matt Olsson, shows up at their high school, Kate and Anderson realize that they both have feelings for him. Suddenly, having a crush on the same guy is no longer fun and their friendship is threatened. Kate and Anderson must work together to save their friendship but also make it through the drama of it all.

When Stars Rain Down by Angela Jackson-Brown

Set in 1936 Parson, Georgia, When Stars Rain Down follows Opal Pruitt during an unsettling summer. She wants desperately to be carefree and spend time with her cousins and friends, but her whole community are shaken when the Ku Klux Klan descends on her town. Everyone is soon forced to acknowledge the unspoken codes of conduct in their town and to make matters more complicated, Opal finds herself caught between two love interests. This novel is timely, powerful, and something everyone should pick-up this Spring.

Sunflower Sisters by Martha Hall Kelly

Sunflower Sisters follows Caroline Ferriday’s ancestor, Georgeanna Woosley, as she travels to join the Union work force to prove her worth in the nursing field. She eventually crosses paths with Jemma, an enslaved woman on the Peeler Plantation who takes her chance to escape while reluctantly leaving her family behind. Meanwhile, Anne-May, the mistress of the Peeler Plantation, joins a secret Southern spy unit while she is left alone while her husband joins the Union Army. The story is inspired by the true, brutal events that took place during the Civil War. 

When We Were Infinite by Kelly Loy Gilbert

Beth will do anything to keep her closest friends, those she sees as family, together for as long as they can. She is dedicated to help them in any way, especially Jason, who she has had a crush on for a while now. However, after Beth witnesses domestic abuse at Jason’s home, the friend group agrees to do whatever it will take to protect Jason from further harm. Life changing choices are considered, and Beth must decide how much she is willing to help and give up for the sake of her friends. 

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