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Weekend Getaway Summer Reading List

According to a recent study, about a quarter of American adults claimed to not have read a book (either in whole or part) this past year. This decline in reading is likely in large part due to smartphone usage and our attention economy—it’s harder than ever to keep focused when there are an infinite number of notifications and new photos that pop up to distract us.

Novels especially have the unique ability to transport a reader to other worlds, allowing a ‘getaway’ without going anywhere at all.

Reading can be a form of deep focus and escape. Novels especially have the unique ability to transport a reader to other worlds, allowing a ‘getaway’ without going anywhere at all.

As the days stretch out during summer, it’s the perfect season to set aside some time to read, just for fun. We compiled a list of recommended summer reads from our team. Enjoy them on your weekends, off-time, or in one of our tiny cabins. If you book an escape during June, you’ll be entered to win the full list. We’ll select one winner randomly and announce at the end of June.


The Paris Wife by Paula McLain“A fictionalized telling of Ernest Hemingway’s marriage to Hadley Richardson, his first wife. The book transports the reader to the 1920s and gives a fascinating account of Hadley and Ernest’s life together. It’s emotional and heartbreaking and anyone who has been in a difficult relationship (which is everyone, let’s be honest) can relate to it on some level.”
-Lisa, Getaway Boston


Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner—“A beautifully written novel, but much less dense than his Pulitzer winning Angle of Repose. It’s about a young couple making their way in the world, and there’s a great Getaway-like setting that’s woven into the story from beginning to end.”
-Emma, Design



The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson —“A totally nuts, true story that highlights humankind’s obsession with nature and our sometimes unhealthy urge to capture it for ourselves. Read this if you want to learn more than you wanted to know about feathers while also being thoroughly entertained with a true crime story.”
-Jon, Founder + CEO


All My Friends Are Superheros by Andrew Kaufman—“This is a quirky, somewhat heartbreaking, funny and short read—easy to read from start to finish in one afternoon. It’s full of astute observations on human nature: what makes us special and what makes us endearingly human”.
-Cyrena, Marketing



Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie—I read this for the first time this winter and it was a wonderful adventure. I instantly understood why it was a classic. This book would be the most fun to devour one afternoon in a tiny cabin! “
-Rachel, Marketing



The Wonder Trail, True Stories from Los Angeles to the End of the World by Steve Hely—“Goofy yet inspiring tale of a race around the world  with an underlying current that encourages you to slow down and truly experience experiences.”
-Steve, Real Estate 


The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down By Colin Woodard —“This is a great, medium-length read that delves into the history of the REAL Pirates of the Caribbean! If you’re new to the pirate world, this book is filled with explanations of common pirate terms like, “sloop” and, “booty”. It was really eye-opening to hear the true story of these real pirates, how they operated before the colonies were paid any attention to, and how they were eventually brought to justice. This is a really interesting non-fiction read and it goes by quite quickly too.”
-Zach, Technology

The Gift by Lewis Hyde—“A beautiful reflection on the difference between exchange culture and gift culture. Made me rethink art, relationships, and community.”
-Pete, Co-Founder



Malice by Keigo Higashino—“This novel was an Edgar Award Finalist and an international bestseller, and I’m a huge mystery fan. It’s a great mystery novel to read in a Getaway cabin because it’s not creepy or scary, but still thrilling. I can’t really say it better than the Wall Street Journal: “Keigo Higashino combines Dostoyevskian psychological realism with classic detective-story puzzles reminiscent of Agatha Christie and E.C. Bentley.”
-Lauren, Real Estate


Happy reading! Let us know what your favorite summer reads are — share photos with us #getawayoften or email us at