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Disconnection Reading List with Books are Magic

There’s nothing quite like nestling in at one of our tiny cabins, looking out that big glass window, and diving into your next favorite read.

We tapped our friends at Books Are Magic, a Brooklyn institution and frequent pitstop of many members of our New York team, to give their recommendations for what to read on your unplugged Getaway.

Best yet, we’re giving away this full reading list, along with a 2 night Getaway, to one lucky winner. More details on the contest below.

books are magic

How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell
Addressing the tyranny of competing forces vying for our time, our attention, and our “productivity,” Jenny Odell’s How to Do Nothing is part memoir, part activist manual, part field guide for, you guessed it, how to truly turn off (our phones), tune in (to our environments), and drop out (of the capitalist narrative). When work and social schedules and the digital overlords peddling in the guise of entertainment and human connection begin to rule our “off the clock” brains, it is an act of radical preservation to resist these impulses. Odell’s book is hopeful and genuinely instructful, written with a clarity and compassion that are rare to find together. 

Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips
Set in one of the most remote parts of the planet, Disappearing Earth takes place in the year following the disappearance of two young girls in a far eastern Russian province, weaving together the stories of women from the surrounding community. A finalist for the National Book Award, it’s a gorgeous novel that begs to be read alone, tucked away by a crackling fire somewhere.

Nature Poem by Tommy Pico
If any of these books need a little explanation, it’s probably this collection of poems by Tommy Pico. Don’t be fooled by the title, it’s clear from the outset these poems are not your average nature poems. In some ways this is actually a great book to include for any adventure into the natural world for its conversations around the idea of “nature poems,” and challenging the stereotypical notions of American Indian people. Pico is an ingeniously funny poet, using pop culture and inventive language to explore queerness and identity that will enrapture and inspire. 

The Book of Delights by Ross Gay
Keeping in the tradition of contemplative poetry, Ross Gay’s Book of Delights is a spirited cultivation of observations that celebrate the minute, sometimes invisible moments of joy in daily life. These bite size essays are lyrical, wide-ranging, and create an intimacy that poets are so good at creating. Like a gardener tending their plot, this book helps us remember that sometimes the most important and life-giving moments are also the ones that are right beneath our feet. 

How to Get Away by Jon Staff and Pete Davis
Written by Getaway’s Founders, this book considers our troubled relationship with technology, organization, and work. When and why have we become so dependent on our cell phones? How do green spaces – and the lack of them – affect our minds, bodies, and relationships? Why is it so hard for us to set aside our work and take a real vacation? How to Get Away blends cultural history with contemporary research to present a compelling case for restoring balance between technology and disconnection, city and nature, and work and leisure.

One lucky winner will receive all of the books listed above as well as some Books Are Magic goodies. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow Getaway and Books are Magic on Instagram
  2. Comment on our post by tagging a friend
  3. One winner will be chosen on October 29

Full terms and conditions are below.

(1) This contest is sponsored by Getaway House, 147 Prince Street, Brooklyn NY 11201.
(2) The retail value of the prize is $500.
(3) No purchase is necessary.
(4) Purchase does not enhance odds of winning.
(5) Entrants submit their entry by following Getaway and Books are Magic on Instagram, and commenting on the Books Are Magic-related Getaway post by tagging a friend.
(6) Winner will receive a free 2 night stay at one of our Outposts as well as the books noted in the reading list.
(7) This contest is affiliated solely with Books Are Magic.
(8) Winners are subject to the reservation terms on our website.
(9) No transportation will be provided.
(10) This contest is open to all persons age 18 and over within the continental United States.