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A Getaway Engagement: Caroline and Margo

Earlier this year we hosted Margo and Caroline for a very special escape to nature, so Margo could ask Caroline a very important question. Read on to hear more about their Getaway and their love story.

There is something so dreamy and romantic about the feeling of escaping the ‘real’ world with the person you love, your best friend. When deciding on a Valentine’s day gift for my girlfriend back in February of 2022, I did not think planning a special weekend for ourselves in May would start with her getting down on one knee and asking if I would be hers forever. But it did. And I thank my lucky stars every single day she chose me. 

Our proposal was one for the books – or journals I should say. With one of us planning this weekend away as a time to relax, unplug, and play as many board games as possible, the other had her own agenda. One that included a sparkly ring and a bandana for our sweet dog that read ‘my mom’s are getting married’. It worked in her favor that I had originally planned our Getaway weekend as she knows I would be suspicious of any trip she had planned for us. And to know her is to also know that she can’t hold onto a secret – not even a christmas present. So holding onto this secret was beyond impressive and so incredibly special.  

She hired a photographer to not only capture the big moment but also try her hand at acting and pretend to be a social media creator for Getaway to fool me. Let’s just say she could definitely quit her day job. It all made sense! ‘Let’s get you roasting some marshmallows by the fire’, and ‘I think Pride month is around the corner so I’d love to get some couple content for that as well’ was some of her best work. Little did I know these lines were carefully curated to make the story more believable. About 15 minutes into taking our photos the she asked us to wrap our arms around one another and tell each other what we love about the other. A few minutes later, one of us was down on one knee presenting a delicate box and one of us was sobbing tears of joy. It was a moment of pure bliss that neither of us can seem to clearly remember. We spent the rest of our time soaking in our first 48 hours as fiancées in the wilderness – just us two. And of course our cute boy with his bandana. 

Our story, however, wasn’t always weekends away, sparkly rings, and cute dogs. We met almost 10 years ago as freshman in college. It was at the moment in life when you are still trying to figure out not only the world, but yourself. You’ve been there right? All we knew is that we wanted to be together, yet societal norms and insecurities told us otherwise. We fell madly in love and were together for some time until feelings of insecurity and the overwhelming fear of letting others around us down by simply loving who we wanted ultimately took over. We ended up going out separate ways while remaining friends throughout the years but every time we would see each other there was still that sense of magic. 

It only took a global pandemic to reconnect us romantically 8 years later and here we are today, newly engaged and happier than ever – living out loud exactly who we are.

Getaway will always be our special place to come back to and remember such a monumental moment in our lives, surrounded by the trees, the birds, and the crackling of a freshly lit camp fire. We were so lucky to celebrate our love for one another in the intimate, private setting of a Getaway cabin. But we are even more honored to be able to shout it to the mountain tops for all to hear and share it here – with you. This might just be your sign to book that trip with the person you love and enjoy the silence together, you never know what could happen. Love is love. Happy Pride!

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