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12 Days of Disconnection: Day 9

While our technology can help us to connect with others—even if there’s distance between us—for many of us our technology has become more of a distraction than a tool. You need only check the screen time in your phone’s settings to realize how much of your time is used up because of mindless scrolling. That’s why it’s so important to implement times in your day and your week that are reserved for time off your devices, and time with your family and friends. For a no-tech entertainment idea, here’s day 9 of our 12 Days of Disconnection.

Playing analog games may bring back memories of candle-lit family game nights as winds or snow howled outside, knocking out the neighborhood’s electricity. Maybe you played monopoly with your siblings or Racko with your parents. Either way—there was something cozy and exciting about those storms and those nights.

If you’re looking for something new to try with friends, why not recreate those cozy nights? Get some warm blankets, some snacks, and a nice bottle of wine, then stack a few of your favorite games on your kitchen table and invite friends over to play them with you.

You can either make turning off your phone a mandatory part of the evening or gamify it and try phone stacking. Whoever pulls their phone from the stack first loses and has to skip their turn in whatever game you’re playing.

Analog game nights are a great way to connect with your friends and family, as the competition involved can bring out each others’ true colors. It’s likely you’ll make some hilarious memories.

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