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12 Days of Disconnection: Day 12

On the final day of our 12 Days of Disconnection, we’re reflecting on this previous year, and considering what changes we’d like to make so that we can start 2020 on the right foot.

Intentions are powerful guiding principles that help you bring more of a certain element into your life and your actions. Rather than a goal with some sort of finish line to reach, an intention is something like confidence, gratitude, or joy. You can’t really measure how much you grow in confidence, gratitude, or joy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring more of these attributes and practices into your life. This is where intentions come in. Intentions are less specific, but they’re things that you can try to align your actions and words within your everyday life. They give you a sense of direction, but they don’t define where the journey starts or ends. Here are some tips to help you set intentions for 2020.

To create your own intentions for the new year, it’s good to start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What is the most important to you at this moment in time?
  • What brings you the most joy?
  • What practices would you like to nurture and build in your life?
  • What fears and doubts do you want to let go of this year?

When you’re setting your intentions, it’s important to keep the intention positive—approach yourself with as much compassion as you possibly can, and avoid creating intentions like, “stop watching so much TV,” or “stop eating unhealthy foods.” Try to avoid judging yourself during the intention setting process, and simply focus on things that bring you joy, or words that encapsulate the feelings that you want to have in 2020.

For example, some great intentions include:

  • I intend to pause first before reacting.
  • I intend to live with more confidence, and to focus on my strengths rather than my weaknesses.
  • I intend to lead by example.
  • I intend to forgive others, and myself.

Think about the areas where you feel you have more work to do, and think about who you would be if these weren’t areas of weakness. Then try to write an intention from the perspective of your future self, who already has these attributes or practices down. By reminding yourself of these attributes and practices

In 2020, commit to setting better routines. Do all the little things that you wish you were doing more often—reading, listening to podcasts, finding time for joy and rest amidst the hustle. And revisit your intentions often. As we get older and learn more, it’s very likely that the things that are most important to us will shift and change as we do—so our intentions should as well. With a bit of planning, some commitment, and great intentions leading the way, 2020 is sure to be a year full of exciting new things.

Happy Holidays from our team at Getaway. We’re wishing you a happy and healthy 2020.

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