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Where to Find Balance in Boston

Boston Balance

We all could benefit from bringing more balance into our lives. Our busy work and social calendars can burn us out and tire us out easily. That’s why we’re bringing you a series of recommendations for the best places to find disconnection and balance.

We still believe leaving the city is the best way to recharge, but that’s not always possible, so it’s important to find sanctuaries even in the middle of our cities.

Here are some of our recommendations for our favorite places to find restoration in Boston.

For Meditation


If you’re looking to practice your deep-breathing and meditative skills, sign up for a class at Mindful Boston. The meditation center offers everything from beginner classes to professional training. If you’re new to the practice and just want to try it out, check out their free weekly community nights.

For Greenery


We all need to spend time outside. Large parks and gardens are there for when we can’t go all the way to a state park, and the Boston Public Gardens is the perfect spot. Find a moment of solitude by taking a nap under a tree or watching ducks play in the pond.

For Walking

Walk Outside

If you’re looking to take a solo walk, consider taking a trip to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. There are miles of trails to follow and plenty of beautiful plants and trees to stop and admire.

For Yoga


If you prefer to disconnect through mindful exercise, check out Down Under Yoga. The local studio boasts a large group of skilled yoga teachers and aims to “help people and communities realize the best version of themselves.”

Boston Outpost

These are all great practices to build balance back into your routine. Sometimes, though, nothing beats a quick and simple escape from the city.