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What to Do at Getaway Based on Your Moon Sign

In astrology, the moon represents our private, inner worlds. Moon signs reflect who we are when we’re alone—basically, our innermost thoughts and emotions. 

Sun sign astrology is cool and all. But, the Getaway experience is about disconnecting from the buzz of everyday life to reconnect to our inner rhythm. 

So, this about Moon signs—and the best Getaway activities for your Moon sign.

Hi, my name’s Daniela. I’m the Founder of The Cosmic Latte and self-taught astrologer of four years. Because I’m Chicago-based, I visited the nearest outpost in Barber Creek, MI. This was my second return to Getaway. I usually plan my travel to fall during Gemini season (yes, yup, I do that), and I definitely found my new June tradition.

For those curious, your Moon sign represents the moon’s position in the sky at the time of your birth. The moon was in the Cancer constellation when I was born. So, I’m a Cancer Moon. To calculate your Moon sign, enter your birth information into a birth chart calculator (I recommend

Aries Moon

Aries Moons are both chill and adventurous. This fire Moon sign relies on spurts of motivation to get things done: so, you swing between periods of lazy do-nothing lounge days and impassioned productive days.

Lean into your adventurous side: find a local hiking trail and map out a route. Go for a super long walk (your favorite). Run. Bring or rent a bike. Whatever you choose, make sure to indulge your love for spontaneity. Embrace your innate youthfulness and playfulness. Climb a tree! Wrestle your travel companion!

Lean into your chill side. Go for an evening stroll at sunset. Start a bonfire. Make a simple, yummy dinner, then eat dinner under the stars. Fill out the cabin-provided Mad Libs, or play cards. 

Taurus Moon

Earth sign Taurus is exalted by the Moon and ruled by Venus. Taurus Moons reflect this complementary, luxurious energy in their love for curating the optimal “vibe.” It’s about elevating every experience. Nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t look and feel good.

Taurus Moons: pack your favorite athleisure and cozy-cute sets. This is glamping, OK? You’re allowed to bring your 15-step skincare routine.

Besides gift-giving and quality time, food is a Taurus love language. Make a campfire pizza: bring a cast iron skillet, find a yummy recipe, and voilà. 

Bring wine, or fun mocktail ingredients, and enjoy happy hour at sunset. (Getaway provides a wine opener.)

Of course, s’mores are a must. Luckily, Getaway provides the cutest s’mores kit. Honestly, though, it would be so-very-Taurus to bring your favorite chocolate.

Last but not least, we can’t forget the just-right road trip, or we’re-deep-in-the-wilderness playlist. Again, it’s for the collective vibes.

Gemini Moon

A Gemini Moon’s inner world is flexible and restless. Stillness often feels unnatural—you crave space, movement, and stimulation. For this retreat, Gemini Moons should unplug and avoid multitasking.

Your ideal Getaway experience satisfies your mental curiosity—bring board games, trivia games, card games, crossword puzzles, or even an actual puzzle (try these zodiac puzzles). 

If you crochet, embroider, or knit (or have been meaning to learn), this is the perfect activity to pair with music or good conversation. 

Try meditative movement, where you walk alone and observe your thought trains come and go. Or, opt for your favorite walk-and-talk experience.

Above all, Gemini Moons: approach boredom with curiosity. And, don’t forget to listen to a murder podcast during your drive in. Duh.

Cancer Moon

The Moon rules Cancer. Just like the moon is cyclical in nature, Cancer Moons are cyclical beings. Depending on their inner rhythm, Cancer Moons alternate between extroversion and introversion.

Getting away—and staying in a Getaway cabin—is the peak Cancer Moon “hermit mode” experience. After an action-packed period, you enjoy finding clarity in introspection and solitude.

For a full-on retreat, go alone (and bring a furry friend if you have one). Or, invite a travel companion who makes your solitude even sweeter.

Cancer Moons are known to be sentimental. Pack a film camera or journal to capture your memories. The experience of playing board games or cards will also strike a nostalgic cord, recalling simpler childhood memories.

Spend time cuddling in bed and savoring the nature view. Bring tea bags (there’s a kettle), cozy PJs, and your favorite late night treat.

Cancer Moons: your ideal experience is going off-the-grid. Unplug. Let text messages go unanswered. (Download a Disney or classic throwback movie before hitting the road.)

Leo Moon

Individuals born with this fire moon sign are known to be warm, compassionate, generous, and playful. 

Leo Moons: spend this Getaway experience reconnecting with your inner child. Lean into playful movement, and revisit activities you used to love as a kid.

Here are some ideas: play Frisbee. Set up a hammock. Find a local nature trail and go for a bike ride. Bring Jenga, or play a game with the provided deck of cards. Try your hand at arts and crafts.

Enjoy the much-appreciated R&R. Sleep in. Bring pancake mix, berries, and chocolate to create the perfect slow, lazy Leo morning (don’t forget to play Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes” on the cabin’s Bluetooth speaker). Rest in the Adirondack chairs and soak in the sun. Do nothing for hours. Grill burgers. Make s’mores in the evening.

Even the act of doing nothing is as an act of inner child healing. Who are you, and what do you love, when you take away the real world responsibilities?

Virgo Moon

For Virgo Moons, self-help is like catnip. You’re always ready to “do the work” for self-improvement. 

Your ideal Getaway experience involves zero work. There’s nothing you have to do. Just be in the present moment, and enjoy this version of yourself. There is no “a-ha!” moment in this experience, other than realizing how lovely and peaceful life is. 

Bring a journal to record your thoughts, or to explore creative writing.

Bring a good book. In fact, bring two books that you alternate depending on your mood. If you have an air Sun, Rising, or Venus sign, try taking turns reading out loud with your travel companion. Pause every now and then to discuss.

Create your ideal morning: wake up to the birds chirping and sunshine rolling in. For Virgo Moons, the sweet spot for “sleeping in” is between 8am-9am.

Read in bed with a cup of coffee. Yes, there is instant coffee, but I recommend buying fresh grounds from a local coffeeshop on your drive in. (Just be sure to also pack pour-over coffee supplies.) Virgo Moons: y’all don’t mess around when it comes to coffee.

Libra Moon

Libra is ruled by sensual and luxurious Venus, which manifests in a Libra Moon’s love of art, poetry, beauty, and material comfort.

To lean into these themes, try graceful movement a là Libra. Bring a yoga mat and indulge in a morning stretch or flow. Dance and boogie with your travel companion. Go on a gentle nature walk. 

Libra Moons are external processors, who love a good walk-and-talk session. Download conversation prompts, or bring along a fun convo-starting card game. 

Indulge your Libra Moon’s preference for glamping. Bring a good bottle of wine. Grill veggies, and make a fancy pasta dish on the stovetop. Try your hand at a more complex recipe. Make s’mores, and appreciate the bonfire scent that lingers on your clothes after (you might even consider purchasing a bonfire candle afterwards). Also, there’s a big mini-fridge….Dare I say, pack supplies for a cheese or charcuterie board.

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moons feel everything deeply and profoundly, but often feel blocked from sharing (instead opting for an intense inner dialogue). 

Scorps, you love to cut through surface level chitchat, and seek that very same emotional intensity in others. Your ideal Getaway experience involves a deep, soul-searching convo. For night owl Scorpio Moons, emotions and creativity heighten at night. The later the better. Bring We’re Not Really Strangers, a relationship-building question card game. Embrace the intimacy of a remote cabin in the woods. Trust. Share.

Witchy Scorpio Moons should bring tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, shadow work prompts, a journal, or anything part of your practice.

Sagittarius Moon

Jupiter—the planet of travel, spirituality, and higher learning—rules curious and optimistic Sagittarius. As a result, this fire moon is adventurous and restless at heart. Sag Moons: you appreciate the experience of escaping everyday life, only to return to it with a refreshed perspective. (If you ask me, the entire Getaway experience is a Sagittarius Moon activity.)

Spend your Getaway immersing yourself in nature. Admire the trees up close. Go forest bathing. Explore local nature trails, or the neighboring downtown area.

Make a bonfire. Have your favorite kind of trippy, existentialist convos—about life, humanity, the universe. Better yet, discuss astrology.

Stargaze, and admire the lack of pollution. You can rifle through the Getaway-provided book about the constellations.

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moons: you feel stable when sticking to a healthy routine and getting sh*t done. When stressed, Cap’s instinctually dive deeper into work.

Caps, your most grounding practice is spending time in nature. Stand barefoot outside and connect with the earth. Meditate. Bring lots of books, then lay in the grass and read. Go for a nature walk. Savor the peace and quiet solitude you always crave. 

Slow down. Do nothing.

The earth is medicine for earth sign Capricorn—but, Capricorn can easily forget this. Make sure to fully unplug. Even just a few days away from the to-do lists, emails, and never-ending errands will have you refreshed. A Getaway trip is brief but powerful. It reminds us that we are souls having a human experience. Our purpose is not to achieve but to enjoy existence.

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moons crave space and personal freedom. You possess a lot of “lone wolf” energy, and enjoy doing things alone (while people-watching). 

Like all air signs, intellectual Aquarius needs mental stimulation. Aqua Moons should bring games: puzzles, crossword puzzles, a Sudoku book, or even a Rubik’s cube to fiddle around with. Getaway also provides a deck of cards, so you can play a two-person game like Gin Rummy.

Bring a hammock. Listen to music. Swing and chat with your travel companion. 

Download a podcast (before losing service in the woods). Listen together, then discuss afterwards. Aqua Moons, you’re open-minded and communicate in a spacious, philosophical style. Indulge in mentally-stimulating conversations about everything under the sun. Do aliens exist? Is there a multiverse? What’s our purpose? What happens after we die?

Pisces Moon

Neptune-ruled Pisces Moons are sensitive, idealistic, dreamy, and artistic. This water moon experiences an oceanic inner world—with highs and lows, tidal waves and ripples.

Explore your artistic side. Bring a mini watercolor kit, along with a thick artist’s sketchpad or tiny canvases. Try a Paint by Numbers kit. Bring a coloring book. Make bracelets or earrings. Get creative with the meals you cook.

Explore your emotional side. Pisces Moons are night owls, who crave deep late-night convos (think anywhere from “tell me about your childhood,” to demanding “what’s your deepest darkest secret?”).

Free-spirited Pisces Moons will do just about anything to live in the moment and create memories. Basically, romanticize your Getaway experience. Bring a projector for an outdoor movie night. Bring a portable speaker, and take it with you wherever you wander. Find a place to swim. Sunbathe. Soak in the sounds of nature. Admire the trees and the wildflowers.

Ready to plan your next escape? Book your Getaway today.