For Your Free Time

Wellness Tip: Observe A Digital Sabbath

How are you upgrading your relationship to technology? One habit to consider implementing into your week is the digital sabbath — reserve one full day each week for taking a break from digital technology. Observing a digital sabbath allows you to slow down and enjoy time to rest — and not just rest that’s about recharging for more work later, but rest that reminds us that we are human beings, not human doings. 

Choose One Day a Week to Fully Disconnect 

If you struggle to find one full day to go screen-free, consider rearranging your schedule. Do you have digital obligations that absolutely can’t wait 24 hours? If the answer is yes, ask yourself what makes them so essential and what would happen if you waited a day?

Find a Community

A digital sabbath is easier to observe when you do it with others, especially when you’re first trying it out. Enlist a friend, partner, or family member to go tech-free with you.

Make a List of Tech-Free Activities

Take a walk, cook a meal, work on a craft project, read a print newspaper or magazine, go to the beach, read a book, clean your house, go for a bike ride, take a nap, write postcards — there are limitless possibilities.

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