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Wellness Tip: Schedule a “Day of Jubilation”

Jubilation: (noun) A feeling of joy, delight and triumph.

During our founder Jon Staff’s college years, he took a class called Introduction to Science and Technology in Society. One of his assignments required students to give up all electronic communication for 24 hours as a demonstration of how ubiquitous electronic communication is. While he was apprehensive, it ended up being one of the best days of his college years.

A Day of Jubilation is a great way to refresh your relationship to familiar surroundings. It can also be an exciting and unconventional way to discover a new place. Scheduling a Day of Jubilation is a great way to disconnect from distractions and reconnect to what matters most. Here’s how to prepare for your next Day of Jubilation.

Choose a Date

Find a time when you can disconnect for a full 24 hours—and if you’d like to share your “day of jubilation” with friends or your partner.

Power Off Your Phone and Set an Email Auto-Reply

Give advance warning to folks who might otherwise worry if they can’t get in touch with you immediately. For everyone else, calls that go straight to voicemail and auto-response emails should make it clear you’re not ignoring anyone; you’re just not available.

Pick a Favorite Spot

Set up a specific time and place to get outside, explore, and enjoy some tech-free time off in nature with those who matter most to you. 

Be Adventurous

While you might have some ideas for how you plan to spend your day, keep yourself open to whimsy and spontaneity. Follow your instincts and curiosities; allow yourself to be guided by happenstance and unexpected encounters. Let the day take you where it will.

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