Welcome Back to The Getaway Podcast


We’re excited to announce that The Getaway Podcast has returned for a second season.

This season, we’ve turned the microphone over to you and your stories – stories about connection, transformation, relationships, finding balance, and of course, nature.

Throughout the season you’ll hear from Getaway guests, staff, experts in their fields on how taking some time away from the daily grind and giving themselves the time, space, and permission to be off helped them see things a little more clearly.

In our first episode, “New, But Familiar,” our Founder and CEO Jon Staff discusses his journey to Getaway – one that involves a good dosage of burnout, an Airstream trailer, and a lot of nights spent thinking about what’s next.


Then we chat with Sharon, who caught our attention when she wrote us that she’d been to Getaway Chattahoochee three times in six weeks. When we first got on the phone with Sharon, we were struck by her story. In a moment of incredible transition in her life, she used the canvas of nature to contemplate what was at stake. The simple moments of the campfire and getting back in touch with a sense of play allowed her to make a pivotal move.

In our second episode of the season, we’ll meet a few of our Artist Fellows and discuss how time outside of the studio gave them permission to stop striving for perfection. And in that imperfection that only nature can bring, they sparked creativity.

You can listen and subscribe to The Getaway Podcast here.If you’re ready to book your escape, use code SEASON2 at checkout for $20 off your Getaway. Thanks for listening.