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Unplugging in Portland

So many elements of our lives in the city demand us to be on.

Think about emails that you answer at 10pm or your phone that doesn’t stop buzzing. Think about your own expectations of yourself — that you respond quickly or always be “in the know” on every last thing.

As much as it’s important to have standards and meet them for ourselves, it’s also important to unplug and give ourselves a break. Few places are better suited for this than Portland, with ample green space and a thriving and diverse culture that can keep you entertained and off your screens for countless hours. Here are a few of our favorite spots.

Talk a Walk in the Japanese Garden

With 5.5 acres of space, the Japanese Garden in Portland is an amazing place to spend your day. Walk by waterfalls, stop in the teahouse, or simply stroll through its lush walkways. You’ll feel instantly transported and to another time and place. As a bonus, you can enjoy seasonal exhibitions in the gallery space or a delicious bite in their cafe.

Find a Great Book at Powell’s

Remember the joys of getting lost in the bookstore? Of holing up with what might be your next favorite book, and perching among the shelves to give it a preview read? Powell’s “City of Books” feels like an actual city. It’s the largest independent bookstore in the world, with new and used reads that could keep you busy for actual centuries. You can go as niche or as general as you want in this shop, they have it all. So swap out your cell phone for a good old fashioned book at this Portland mainstay.

Go on the 4T Hike

The T’s stand for: trail, tram, train, and trolley, and you’ll need them all to experience this day of Portland activities. Take a 4 and a half mile hike at the Marquam Nature Park Shelter Trailhead, where you’ll find stunning street and a gorgeous mosaic. There’s signs for the 4T, so you can follow them towards OHSU, which will eventually bring you to the Portland Aerial Tram. Get ready for views of the Willamette River and all of downtown. After the tram, you head for the streetcar to Multnomah County Central Library, where you’ll then head to the MAX train. From there, you’ll go the Museum of the World Forestry Center, maybe the Children’s Museum, or simply head to the connecting trail which will bring you back to Marquam.  The whole thing will cost you less than $10 and keep you busy and disconnected for the whole day.

Escape to Getaway Mount Adams

Our Outpost is less than 2 hours from Portland, and ready for you to throw your cell phone in the lockbox and recharge yourself. Getaway Mount Adams has everything you need and nothing you don’t – cabins with comfy queen beds (or queen bunks), AC and heat, kitchenettes with a 2 burner stove, bathrooms with hot showers and toilets, and a personal fire pit with a grilling grate, so you can cook just outside your cabin.

Ready for your next adventure in unplugging? Book your escape now.