Explore Getaway Mount Adams

We hope you think of Getaway as a day off for the always on – the perfect place to disconnect and recharge in nature. However, if you’re feeling antsy to get outside or if you want some activities for the journey from Portland, there’s plenty to explore in the area.

Here’s our guide to attractions near our Mount Adams Outpost and things to do along the way:

Getting There

Just over the border in Washington, your new favorite escape is easily accessible from Portland. Only two hours away from downtown, the fastest way there is by car. Take Highway 84 east to the Hood River Bridge (toll bridge), cross the bridge, and turn west on Highway 14. Turn north on Highway 141 toward BZ Corner. Pass BZ Glenwood Highway and continue up towards Trout Lake. As you approach the gas station, bear right onto Mount Adams Road, then take a right onto Sunnyside Road, which becomes Trout Lake Highway. Turn right onto Main Street, go through town, then take a left onto Mount Adams Highway. The Outpost entrance will be on the right.

Getaway Mount Adams Cabin

Walks in the Mountains near Getaway

Dog Creek Falls

Hike distance: 0.6 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Many people pass by this quick and easy walk without even noticing it. Stop on your way to the Outpost and see a 25-foot cascading waterfall.

Guler Ice Cave Hike

Hike distance: 2.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy

This walk to the most visited cave features beautiful underground ice formations and tubes that are results of lava flows. Remember to bring snow gear though in the winter months, cave temperatures can drop pretty low.

Park in Portland

Klickitat Canyon Hike

Hike distance: 6.8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

The viewpoint of this in-and-out hike features views along the longest un-dammed river in the state of Washington. Look out for butterflies on your way to this scenic viewpoint.

Lyle Cherry Orchard

Hike distance: 5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Recommended for early spring, this hike features wildflowers and beautiful gorge views on both sides of the trail. While there aren’t as many cherry trees on the hike as there used to be, some can still be found on the eastern edge of the property.

Dog Mountain Loop

Hike distance: 6.9 miles

Difficulty: Hard

This hike boasts beautiful gorge views and wildflowers from April to May. The trails can be quite steep, but if you’re willing to try, the trail is relatively short for some pretty views.

Pacific Northwest Hiking

Sustenance and Snacks Near Getaway

Glenwood General Store 208 E Main St., Glenwood, WA 98619

~5 minutes from Outpost

Visit this store for groceries, food, beer, and wine. In the summers, check out the burgers made by the owner, and maybe even try tasting some wine.

B Z Corner Grocery Store 1255 WA-141, White Salmon, WA 98672

~33 minutes from Outpost

Visit this corner grocery for a little bit of everything, from groceries to chicken tenders. Located right near locations for whitewater rafting and kayaking, it’s a great place to pick up supplies after these activities.

On the Local Menu

Eating Food

Glenwood Station 105 E. Main St., Glenwood, WA 98619

~5 minutes from Outpost

This restaurant also serves as a gas station, convenience store, and motel. Stop by for a large selection of burgers and sandwiches.

The Logs Inn Restaurant 1258 Highway 141, BZ Corner, WA 98672

~ 40 minutes from Outpost

Stop by this spot for delicious burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Don’t forget to try the famous fried chicken and jojo’s.

Trout Lake Country Inn 15 Guler Rd., Trout Lake, WA 98650

~40 minutes from Outpost

Stop by this restaurant for some delicious, home-cooked classics (note that they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Huntington’s Bar & Grill 95 Main St., Klickitat, WA 98628

~50 minutes from Outpost

This dive bar and restaurant claims to serve up the best steak in the area. Try it yourself and choose from rib eye steak, filet mignon, and more.

Side Trips near Getaway

Zoller’s Outdoor Odyssey BZ Corner, WA,

~25 minutes from Outpost

As the longest running whitewater enterprise in Washington or Oregon, Zoller’s is the local go-to for the adventurous type. Check out one of their several options for a whitewater adventure.

Columbia Gorge Brewery Tour 

This set of 13 breweries around the Columbia Gorge have created an unforgettable brewery tour. Get a stamp from each brewery and win yourself a free beer.

Columbia Gorge Wineries

If you’re more of a wine drinker, don’t fear. There are plenty of wines in the area for you to sip on. Pick your favorite or make your own winery tour.

Steelhead Ranch Alpacas

About 35 minutes from the Outpost, you’ll find this delightful ranch, where you can go and visit a variety of creatures – from alpacas to ducks, geese, chickens, barn cats, and even the “house pet dog Charlie.”