The Importance of Solo Travel

Let yourself be alone

Companionship is vital for the human experience. Human interaction, whether it’s chatting, sharing laughs, or hugging, has been shown to increase happiness and lengthen lifespans. That’s why disconnection is so important- for enjoying time with the people around you and building deeper, more meaningful connections together.

That’s not to say, however, that we never need time alone. We need to create time to connect both with others and ourselves. Science has shown that overcivilization can hurt our mental health. While connecting with another person is irreplaceable, sometimes we just need the space to recharge on our own.

Solo Cabin

It’s a frequent discussion topic here at Getaway that we don’t give ourselves enough time to be bored. Boredom is how children develop their interests and their sense of self, but we rarely experience that in adulthood. We are all part of an an over-busy, overworked culture, which seldom gives us the privilege of feeling bored.

It can be incredibly valuable to experience doing absolutely nothing with another person, but sometimes it’s hard to get there. When you getaway together, you have each other to keep you entertained, so you might not give yourself the space to be truly disengaged. When you’re with someone you love and care for, you probably want to ensure the other person is enjoying themselves.

It’s wonderful to take pleasure in someone’s else happiness, but you can’t neglect your own either. It’s a fine line that we all struggle with. Focusing purely on another person’s enjoyment can distract from your own ability to relax and release stress.

Take the Space to Be Alone

Not being able to interact with anyone else forces you to engage more fully with yourself and your surroundings, especially if you’re willing to put away your phone. You have more time to truly focus on your own thoughts and you have the space to truly do nothing. Take the time to ponder which parts of your life fill you with joy and how to healthily incorporate that into your daily life.

The space to be alone and think also gives you time to build confidence. While it can be a little disconcerting at first, allowing yourself to be truly alone allows you to focus on yourself. Slowly you’ll feel more and more at ease and this ability to be comfortable around yourself helps to grow and build and confidence.

Escaping from the hectic lives we lead is healthy for everyone, from solo travelers to couples to families. It can be the best thing possible for your relationship, but you can only have healthy relationships with others once you feel more solid with yourself. Challenge yourself by getting away on your own, truly being alone with your surroundings, and growing from it.