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Featured Guest: Disability Travel Blogger, Jennifer Allen

We hosted Jennifer Allen at Getaway Eastern Catskills so she could spend #morefreetime with her family. Here’s what she had to say about the quality time with her kiddos.

What Getaway means to us is unadulterated family time. No distractions: just us. I’ve never seen so many smiles and laughs from my crew.

Our Getaway was RELAXING. I was traveling solo… with my three kids (ages 3, 3, and 6 at the time). This is my normal crowd, but something wonderful happened in all four of us knowing that we were “stuck” together in the woods with no tech devices. We had better conversations, bigger fun, and everyone seemed to be their best selves.

In “disconnecting,” we connected better.

Jennifer Allen

We spent our free time using the list in the cabin and working through all of the activities! It was fun doing some of the grown-up conversation starters with the kids and seeing what they came up with! We also did some hiking and spent a morning in town exploring the local highlights from our Getaway map.

My favorite memory of our family’s Getaway was making dinner. Or, I should say, watching the kids make dinner. The stove was low enough that my oldest could make the Mac and cheese, which he thought was brilliant. All three roasted s’mores for dessert. I think they felt grown-up doing things for themselves, and they were just so happy. Actually – that’s my favorite memory – their smiles and big laughs. I have a beautiful mental picture of my oldest belly-laughing over the sound it made when I put the fire out with a bucket of water.

Our Getaway happened to be the week before the world closed for COVID. I came home thinking that I wanted to build in more low-key time to just be together as a family – I was certainly able to do that! The timing was great for me in building gratitude in the midst of a pandemic. I came home wracking my brain over how we could just chill more as a family… and then it was handed to me. That gave me a much better mindset entering the madness of The pandemic!

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