The Fellowship of Getaway

artist fellowship

We’re excited to share that The Getaway Podcast is back for its second season. This season, we’re turning the mic over to you, our guests, and your incredible stories.

One of our favorite programs here at Getaway is the Artist Fellowship. The gist of the program is that artists can apply and share with us what they would want to create on a Getaway. If accepted, we send the artist on a free 1-night escape to nature to create to their heart’s content – our only request is that they share with us what they create, so that we can share that with you.

artist fellowship

We’ve seen it all – photographers looking to capture something outside of studio light. Digital projectionists who create light art on the cabins. Chefs getting ready to make their next great meal. New Yorker cartoonists who are constantly inspired by the idiosyncrasies of their environment.

In episode 2 of The Getaway Podcast, we meet 4 artists and talk about how the imperfection of nature – the way a tree’s stump may be gnarled, or how the sun sporadically lights a surface, or periodic bouts of rain or snow or wind – gave them permission to feel less stress towards perfection.

We think Artist Nicole Polletta, featured in this episode, says it best:

“There’s obviously so much complexity in nature and perfection but there’s also a lot that is not perfect if you will, you know, the bark on the tree and the leaves on the tree, you know the forms are perfect but some are crumpled, some ants are eating, some of the bark’s falling off. It’s just a lot to look at and take in. And I don’t feel that obsessive need for perfection. Like when I think about my collage work in the recent series I’m doing, it’s like perfect perfect perfect. And one of the things I love about drawing and one of the things I love about what I did at Getaway is that it’s like observing and recording the imperfect. And in that there is its own beauty. And I really enjoyed that. I think you have more of a creative license, when you’re not as focused on this perfection.”

artist fellowship

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