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Summer Packlist: 10 Essentials For a Successfully Unplugged Getaway

Just the essentials, according to the editors of outdoor publication Field Mag

Packing for a weekend getaway? Make no mistake that it’s an art. Usually honed over the course of many a trip, it takes a while before the balance between packing too-little and too-much is found. And usually, let’s be honest, you’ll still end up with a few unused items in your bag. But fear not, we’re here to help! 

At Field Mag, we’re obsessed with good design and the great outdoors. And as New Yorkers, we *need* a little off-grid escape from time to time. So you already know that when we head upstate, we’re packing tried-and-true favorites that we’ve test-driven both out in Mother Nature and on city streets, too.

Below we’ve gathered our preferred packlist of design-driven must-haves for a short getaway into nature, taking into consideration that a full day might be packed with everything from hiking, napping peacefully in your cabin, exploring charming mountain towns, and chatting around the firepit. These pieces are durable, versatile, and good-looking—so you can feel the same.

Scroll on for our summer packing list for making the most out of your next Getaway. Then head over to Field Mag dot com for more outdoor inspiration, from the best designed outdoor gear to daydream worthy cabin rentals, and more.

1. Very Large Tote

A weekend trip is the perfect opportunity to simply throw all your stuff in a big ol’ tote and go—no painstaking packing here! The Hyperlite Mountain Gear GOAT Tote is our go-to for everything from schlepping camping gear to groceries. It’s made for hauling a whole assortment of gear, plus the extra durable and waterproof material hold-ups in a variety of elements, including being dragged across a subway platform and jammed in a trunk. It’s also lightweight and stores flat, meaning it’s tiny-cabin friendly. 

2. Film Camera 

These days, it might seem like everyone is getting (back) into film photography, but there’s a reason for it. Not only is it a creative outlet that allows you to document beautiful landscapes and good times with friends, an analog film camera lets you enjoy the moment and focus on your surroundings screen free. And with a limited number of frames available, it’s a practice in self editing and patience. Looking to pick up a film camera of your own? Check out our top picks for the best film cameras of all time (when in doubt, pack a disposable camera).

3. Sling Bag

A sling bag is ideal for a quick getaway—it triples as a snack pouch on hikes, a camera bag, and a stylish pack for carrying around essentials when venturing into nearby towns. Our pick comes from our friends at Allmansright, a Black-owned ultralight gear lab in The Bronx, New York.

4. Cozy Activewear

Transitional pieces are mandatory for short trips, ’cause they’re versatile, comfortable, and can be dressed up if needed. Cozy activewear like the Battenwear Lodge Crewneck and Hikerkind Dress_01 will take you from the trail to town, but to go fully GORPcore, check out Snow Peak’s Takibi line–it’s also fire-resistant for nights around the fire.

5. Hiking *Shoe* 

Lighter and less bulky than a hiking boot, but more sturdy than a sneaker, a hiking shoe is ideal for shorter hikes or walks you might encounter during outdoorsy weekend. Our current go-to is the extra GORP-y trail runners from Canadian specialists Norda. The acclaimed Salomon XT-6 is another great option that’s functional in nature and attractive in town, too. 

6. A Recovery Shoe/Slipper: 

For down-time, slip-on shoes or recovery slides double as slippers for wearing around the cabin or a handy pair of water shoes for exploring nearby swimming holes. The beautifully ugly Merrell Hydro Moc gets our nod. Plus they’re light, so packing is a breeze.

7. Water Bottle 

Back then, we probably just called it a Nalgene whether it belonged to the brand or not, but now the internet has dubbed them emotional support water-bottles. An essential anywhere, at any moment, your water bottle has to accompany you to your weekend destination, of course. LifeStraw’s filtration systems are good for a variety of water sources too, from the kitchen sink to that creek you just crossed five times on your hike. 

8. Binoculars

Because just sitting around looking at stuff nearby, be it birds, cool trees, nearby mountains, etc, is actually pretty fun. These Nocs are best paired with a nearby vista and a tasty beverage of your choice. 

9. Bug Protection

For those in the Northeast or other tick-heavy areas, consider treating your clothing and hiking shoes with Swayer Premetherin to protect yourself before you even arrive at your Getaway.

10. Analog Entertainment

Last not but not least, when the sun goes down, it’s nice to have something to do in lieu of doom scrolling through the Netflix menu. A book or journal is the standard issue here, but a good puzzle, UNO, or a fun deck of cards is also packable and gets the whole crew involved.