For Your Free Time

Plan A Phone Free Day

From the moment our (smartphone) alarm goes off to mindlessly scrolling before bed, we often spend our waking hours tethered to our phones. That’s why every Getaway cabin comes with a cellphone lockbox, so guests can experience the relief of true disconnection.

To inspire you turn off notifications and enjoy more free time, we’ve gathered tips from the Getaway team to help you plan a full day, phone-free.

Morning Workout
“I like to start my day with long run and just listen to the sounds outside. I’m also a fan of this outdoor workout by Coach Cam inspired by Getaway’s tiny cabins in the woods.”
Jamie, Writer, Los Angles

Get Creative
“I make soaps and candles. I started creating outdoor-themed scents like musk, moss, pine, and amber, so I can bring the outside… in!”
Rachel, Community, Las Vegas

Take a Nature Break
“I love to unplug and explore local beaches with my dog Pickles. Afterward, we curl up on the couch, put a record on, and relax with a glass of wine (for me) and treats for Pickles.”
Chris, Community, Kauneonga Lake, NJ

Make a Meal
“My husband and I have a big cookbook collection that was gathering dust, so now each week we pick one recipe to make. It’s a fun way to spend time together and try something new.”
Rachel, Marketing, Brooklyn, NY

Read + Relax
“I use a real alarm clock and charge my phone across the room. I no longer spend the last moments of my day scrolling, but instead reading a book, enjoying lavender face oil, or falling asleep to music.”
Julianna, Graphic Design, Location Independent

Ready to take a break from technology? Book your Getaway today.