Nominate a Friend: Meet Joshua

Over the summer, we launched a new initiative at Getaway, simply entitled Nominate a Friend, inspired by feedback from our guests.

Notes from guests like Kayla at Getaway Mount Adams, who said, “this is the most relaxing, rejuvenating, thoughtful one night escape I’ve ever been on. This is exactly what we needed and plan to do it again and again.”

We started Nominate a Friend to give people the opportunity to nominate someone they know who may not have the means or may not even be thinking to take the time themselves, and give them an overnight escape to nature to do just that – recharge in the great outdoors.

Last month, we sent Joshua on a Getaway. He was nominated by a member in his community because Joshua spends countless hours working every year on a summer camp for kids in his inner-city community in Pittsburgh. The 8-week camp has around 200 kids and 60 interns staffed, and Joshua manages all of them. Between dedicating time to his community and studies, Joshua doesn’t always have time to spend on himself or with his wife.

nominate a friend

Motivated by the changes he’s helped build in his community, alongside his passion and faith, Joshua has become a fixture in his neighborhood, from tutoring in-school, to opening his door at home to any kids who want to come by.

With his nomination, Joshua made an escape with his wife to Getaway Beaver Creek in celebration of his anniversary. They took advantage of time by the campfire and even made his wife’s very first moon pie. To put it in his words, it was simply a “beautiful time to get away from everything.”

If you’d like to Nominate a Friend, you can learn more about our program here.