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Meet the Grandparent: Lenore Feldman

In the spirit of connecting back to what really matters, our tiny cabins are named after the grandparents of our team members or guests. We hope that our cabins can become a familiar space to which our guests look forward to coming back. From the Lorraine to the Sultan to the Ingeborg, each grandparent we’ve named our cabins after has a  fascinating story—we’ll be exploring their stories here in our Journal.

First up: meet Lenore ‘Grandy’ Feldman, whose namesake is The Lenore at our DC Outpost.

Lenore Feldman, (right) and Joan Green.

Lenore Feldman  (née Spiewak) was a passionate feminist and organizer, and ‘Grandy’ to Zach Feldman who leads the tech team at Getaway.

A child of immigrants from Russia and Poland to Brooklyn, Lenore grew up surrounded by her hard-working family and their business, I. Spiewak & Sons. The brand lives on in the Spiewak brand name today as manufacturers of coats, bags, and other products. Lenore was also the wife of George Feldman, a prominent Dentist and hobbyist welder.

Her own career included heavy involvement with the local Jewish community—she even served as the President of the National Council for Jewish Women and spoke at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in 1989 at the Mobilize for Women’s Rights Rally, on behalf of NCJW (scroll to 1:55:20):

One of Zach’s favorite memories of Lenore:

“Every time we had dinner with her as kids, she would enforce very strict table manners. She said, ‘you never know who you might be having dinner with, you need to be prepared!’ I later found out that she attended a dinner with the Secretary of Defense and the Prime Minister of Israel at the White House, which is where this habit came from!”

‘You never know who you might be having dinner with, you need to be prepared!’

Book a tiny cabin vacation at our DC Outpost and you might end up in the company of Lenore—but we promise we won’t enforce table manners around the campfire.