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Meet an Artist Fellow: Yogi and Dancer, Jo Murdock

Earlier this year, we hosted Yogi, Dancer, and Artist Fellow, Jo Murdock, at Getaway Western Catskills outside of New York so she could escape the noise and reconnect to nature. Here’s what she had to say about her creative practice, her connection to nature and her Getaway.

My background is in dance and I’ve identified as a dancer for the  majority of my life because it is the only thing that makes me feel  alive. The different ways in which the body can run, jump and spin  confirmed for me that movement = life. As I got older my love for  movement grew and yoga and barre found me in 2015. Since then  I’ve been exploring my breath and how it connects to movement.  Everything I create comes from my intuition. If it feels good to me  then it is good for me. 

Nature is my “religion” in a way. I honor every single season by cooking the appropriate foods, picking flowers and adding them to my altar, collecting rain water and snow for my indoor plants to drink and so much more. I center my yoga classes around the seasons we are  in and also what phase the moon is currently transiting. I think it’s  important to be mindful of nature as you intentionally move your body.  It’s easy to believe that nature is outside of us but we ARE nature. 

My time was great. The weather was generous and the day really  inspired me. This specific site had a beautiful walk way which inspired  me to change my offering and I think it was exactly what I needed for  this partnership.

You can keep up with Jo on her Instagram, her YouTube, and her website.