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Featured Guests: YOR Recipient, Ciara Dennis-Morgan

Earlier this year, we hosted psychologist and Year of Rest Recipient, Ciara Dennis-Morgan at Getaway Beaver Creek outside of Pittsburgh and Cleveland so she could enjoy some much-deserved free time in nature. Here’s what she had to share with us about herself, her work, and her escape to nature.

On Her Work

I am a psychologist and I serve as the Clinical Director of a Black owned, state certified, nationally accredited mental health agency and I’m the founder of a wellness company. I provide therapy, assessments, training and a variety of services through a culturally specific Lens. I also work with special populations such as Black pregnant and postpartum women.

On Getting Away

Our Getaway was great. If felt necessary. We are planning to go again and also thinking of ways to include our loved ones. It enhanced my relationship to rest. It allowed me to have a new experience that connected me with ways I return to self. It was a reminder that not much is needed.

On Disconnecting

My favorite ways to disconnect include:

  • Yoga/ movement practices – move energy through body. Yolk mind body and spirit.
  • Time alone in solitude—create space and just be.
  • A drink! (Smoothie, tea, wine)—Enjoying a beverage helps me to enjoy the simple things.

Feeling like you need to disconnect? Plan your next Getaway today.