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Featured Guests: Recipient of Rest, Erica Grier

Today we’re featuring Erica Grier, full-time hair stylist and author based on Georgia. Here’s what she had to say about her work, her escape to nature, and her relationship to rest.

I’m Erica Grier. I am a full time hair stylist located in Georgia. I am also an Author of trophy Wife, my debut book highlighting my own personal journey through forgiveness and healing. I spend a lot of my time pouring into women, using my gifts and talents to transform their appearance and renew their spirit. I am also a wife and mother of 4.

My Getaway was right on time! Being a black woman, having emotionally navigated the social/racial unrest and riots of 2020 on top of getting through the pandemic and actually surviving Covid-19 twice, to say I was exhausted is an understatement. It felt amazing to be selected as a Year of Rest recipient. It made me feel seen. To take the time to connect with nature, sit under the stars and wake up to the sunrise and not an alarm clock gave me the reset I needed.

My favorite ways to unwind involves music, a long soak in the tub and sitting in silence. Music has a way of putting my feelings into words. Praise and worship is my favorite so a good song feels good to my soul. A soak in the tub gives my body time to recover and aids in restful sleep. Since I spend a lot of time talking to clients, silence allows me to reflect and brings clarity. I can sit in it for hours!

I value rest. I make sure to take a day out of the week to do absolutely nothing. However, having a husband and children, it seems that when they see me they need me. I’m still tempted to do things around the house when I’m resting at home, so an overnight stay at a hotel solved that problem. The Getaway influenced my relationship with rest by providing space, allowing me to do the ‘most’ with the ‘least’. It’s just something about the simplicity of it all! No fancy decor to focus on. No other people to be distracted by. My relationship with rest went to another level with this Getaway and now I look forward to making it my quarterly personal retreat.

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