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Explore Getaway St. Francois

Located just forty-five minutes outside of St. Louis, Getaway St. Francois is nestled in a bustling town with plenty of spots to explore. Here are a few of the spots we’d recommend you check out while you’re on your Getaway.

Walks in the Woods

Magnolia Hollow Trail
Distance: 1.3 miles
Difficulty: easy
Dogs allowed
This trail features a nice creek valley with bridges to get you across the creeks and streams throughout the trail. You’re likely to spot lots of wildlife.

Devil’s Honeycomb Trail
Distance: 1.6 miles
Difficulty: moderate
Dogs allowed

This out-and-back trail features a special geologic formation called “Devil’s Honeycomb” (hence the trail name) at the top of the hike, the highest point on Hughes Mountain.

Cedar Glade Trail
Distance: 1.0 mile
Difficulty: easy
Dogs allowed

This trail features scenic overlooks, the Castor River, and even two old cemeteries.

Sustenance and Snacks

Rozier’s Country Mart Food
~ 21 minutes from Outpost
Make a pitstop at Rozier’s Country Mart Food before getting to the Outpost to pick up all of the ingredients for your favorite campfire recipes

Anvil Restaurant and Saloon
~ 21 minutes from Outpost
Head to Anvil Restaurant and Saloon for nostalgic dishes in this historic restaurant and saloon.

Things to Do Around the Outpost

The Mine at Bonne Terre
~ 28 minutes from Outpost
For a unique adventure, head to The Mine at Bonne Terre to explore this national historic site that offers underground walking and boat tours of the Bonne Terre mine.

The Space Museum
~ 28 minutes from Outpost
Head to The Space Museum to take a look at a world-class collection of aerospace artifacts and learn about how space travel has changed over the years.

Critter Lane Petting Zoo
~ 19 minutes from Outpost
If you’re looking for a more relaxed adventure, head to Critter Lane Petting Zoo to meet sloths, porcupines, donkeys, and more.

Baetje Farms
~6 minutes from Outpost
Make sure to stop for some of the best local, artisan cheese at Baetje Farms before your escape to stock up on some tasty treats to enjoy at your cabin.

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