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Celebrating More Daylight for Daylight Savings

As Daylight Savings approaches, we know you’re not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep, so we tapped our team and reached out to Coach Cam to hear about how they plan to spend their extra hour of sunlight to reconnect to what matters most. Here’s what they had to say:

What’s going on y’all it’s daylight savings, and that means EXTRA SUNLIGHT! Whoop Whoop! So looking forward to getting back to having “more time” during the day! 

I’m taking this time to connect and embrace more of the things that I enjoy doing and that means starting it off right with a hot fluffy fresh stack of homemade protein French toast, lattes, and being outdoors! Spending any kind of time outdoors, especially in nature, has been a great mood booster for me. It’s grounding, always brings me back to center, it’s another opportunity for me to be present and bask in gratitude. In my free time outdoors, I enjoy hiking and nature walks during the week to get my steps in and to get the good energy flow going, kayaking, and golfing. Cheers to enjoying our extra hour of sunlight!

Here’s how team Getaway is following Coach Cam’s lead and getting outside:

The Graze Outdoors

You’ll find me grilling dinner in the great outdoors. — Langer, Facilities Team

Golden Happy Hour

I’ll be hosting happy hour on my patio and taking evening walks with my pup, Bertie. — Anna, Marketing Team

Having a Ball

To unwind after work, I’ll be using the extra daylight to take beach walks and play soccer in the park. — Lindsey, Community Team

Spring Flowers

I’ll be using the extra hour of daylight to start working on my backyard, getting everything ready for spring. — Idris, Outpost Team

Family Free Time

I’ll be using the extra daylight to take my kiddos to the park to play after school. — Jeannice, Digital + Software Team

Friends Al Fresco

I’m planning to enjoy more evening picnics with friends while catching sunset. — Kara, Product Team

Easy Rider

Three words: Sunset bike rides! — Bethany, Outpost Team

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