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Daylight Savings with Rachel Nguyen

Springing forward an hour is a welcomed fever dream. One that starts in a panic when we forget about the time change and are pinged with guilt for sleeping in an hour longer than we anticipated. The day continues in a low, humming disorientation, but nothing too loud. Then dinner time hunger pings your brain, and you look at the clock but it’s 5pm. How strange, it’s still day time. 

Dusk is my favorite time of day and driving an hour during the process whereby day becomes night is a daily fever dream. The sudden shift in our internal clock reckons an acute awareness of the cascading colors. 

Dawn for me is often slept through. The favorable time change borrows sun from morning for that extra hour in the evening. Perhaps we reframe that we never lost an hour of sleep, but gain another hour of opportunity to see dusk. Isn’t that a sweet treat? To have a dawn to dusk daily ritual that feels more attainable for the non-early birds?

As fever dreaming settles into light relief, we can look forward to our new reality of longer afternoons best taken advantage of outdoors. I present an activity list of warmer days to come:

  • Chase outdoor jazz
  • Go on a nature walk
  • Romanticize spring cleaning
  • Journal in the morning while it’s still dark
  • Miss your train stop
  • Meditate while you run
  • Host a picnic for your loved ones
  • Surprise your dog with a new park – a big grassy open one
  • Drive for an hour at dusk
  • Walk for an hour at dawn
  • Bike for an hour at noon
  • Explore an esoteric hobby
  • Collect parts of nature (shells, leaves, dries flowers, rocks)
  • Make a campfire
  • Play fetch under a full moon with your pup
  • Find natural mirrors 
  • Research themed recipes 
  • Hunt for secret locations
  • Let your nose guide you somewhere new
  • Tour your own neighborhood
  • Lay on the earth
  • Create peace for yourself

At the core of all activities, longer evenings always reminisce more time with loved ones. Start buttering your DMs for a good time and a long time.

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