Featured Guests: Dean and Rita

Today we’re featuring Dean and Rita who escaped to Getaway Chattahoochee outside of Atlanta to disconnect from technology to reconnect...

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Ditch Minimalism for Essentialism

Much has been made lately of the great pleasure of eliminating extraneous things from our lives. In the wake of the Netflix miniseries...

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Valentine's Couple

Four Meaningful Gifts for Your Valentine

Gifting can be hard, so we have curated a collection of meaningful gifts to give this Valentine’s Day. Think your less traditional...

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Writing “How to Get Away”

As any company grows, it is subjected to lots of different pressures from all sorts of angles. My belief is that if the founders haven’t...

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Meet Addison, the man behind our tiny cabins

Scattered along Maine’s rugged coastline are some 4,600 islands. One in particular stands out to Addison Godine. Getaway’s Director of...

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Terms and Conditions

The following are terms and conditions for the October 2019 Survey Giveaway: (1) This contest is sponsored by Getaway House, 147 Prince...

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